Knitting Lifeline

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I love reading knitting books, magazines and websites and have just read a brilliant tip!  Modern Knitting gives the following advice for using a Lifeline when knitting a complex pattern, such as lace or cable:


If you’re knitting a tricky pattern and there’s a risk you may need to unpick it (or frog) to fix a mistake, leave yourself a lifeline. Thread a tapestry needle with a smooth thin yarn (dental tape works well) and weave it through the stitches on the needle. You can then pull the stitching out back to your lifeline, confident the stitches will be held safely. The lifeline can be pulled out easily when the work is finished. Essential for intricate lace patterns – I wish I’d known about this one earlier.’

Having given up on some stitch patterns in the past, or even resorted to sending them to my mum to complete, I think this is the best knitting tip I’ve heard.  I’m about to start knitting a Debbie Bliss waistcoat which is all cable so I will use this technique until I get into the swing of it.

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