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How long is it since you saw teabags that are square and still stuck together when you open the box?  I always wondered what they did with the corners when they cut the circles out for round ones!!  These Yorkshire tea bags are a lovely and nostalgic touch of common sense!


square tea bags

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  • http://blusherandbabywipes.blogspot.com Magpie

    Now, you know I’m not a tea drinker, but …. in my house the teabags are only ever square, I also have to spend a good 45 seconds or so tearing them apart to put them in my ‘tea’ canister. I buy Yorkshire tea too so maybe it’s the other brands that round? xx

    • admin

      Its years and years since I saw square ones – hence the need to write about them because of my surprise! I’m liking the Yorkshire tea so may become a common feature in my house!!