Cate’s ‘Blanket’

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Crochet Dress

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Is this a new fashion we will all be wearing by Christmas?  Personally, I doubt it but I do think Cate Blanchett looks fab in this crochet dress!  It’s a statement that’s for sure and it’s in a whole new league on the red carpet.

So we’re more used to seeing granny squares in blankets and cushions, but they are very versatile – as you can see!

Maybe this is upcycling at its best?

Orders taken for anything you fancy in granny squares!

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  • Magpie

    One more thing … why do I have a weird character appearing next to my name when I post a comment?? Even on a bad day it bears absolutely no resemblance!

    • admin

      Well…. it’s a representation of how I see you!! hehe.

      I jest! I set up comments so that monster pictures are automatically assigned when comments left. I have one too. Don’t you think they are just a little bit cute??

  • Magpie

    Ha Ha!! I saw this on GMTV one morning last week, even in my supersonic frazzled ‘shouting at the boys to get dressed’ mindset I thought “Oooh Fi would like that”. xx