Can you tell what it is yet?

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I’ll forgive you if you have to look at this a few times and screw your eyes up a bit to work out what it is!

I’ve always looked longingly at amigurumi wishing I could make something so small, cute and neat and with my new-found crochet skills I felt the time was right. 

Although the little ‘creatures’ are sweet, something else caught my attention at Lion Brand.  You’ve probably noticed by now I love tea in many forms and tea with craft is a great combination.

amigurumi tea cupSo here is my attempt! OK, so I’m not saying it’s my finest work, but it’s a start and I thought it only right that I share it. 

I decided to enhance the original pattern with a saucer and ‘T’ on the tea bag tag just in case it isn’t clear what it’s meant to be.  I followed the pattern for the handle exactly but it is proportionally very chunky, so I’d try for a more delicate version next time.

Funniest of all though I am going to give this to a fellow tea and craft loving friend.  If she’s reading this she’ll know who she is.  Lucky girl…. maybe!!  My only concern is that she may choke on a custard cream laughing at it!

(It’s a little crochet tea cup and saucer with dangly teabag in case you’re still wondering!)

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  • Black Cat

    And God Said to Moses ‘Come forth’….But, he came 5th and won a teapot!

    Well it was a tea cup in my case and I couldnt be happier that I am the proud owner of it!!! I had hoped and wished that it was heading for my direction when I read about it on here and yay! ITS MINE :) It now sits proudly on my bookshelf and oversees my craft projects (poor thing).

    So a big big thanks for my little tea cup!


    • admin

      Now who could I have given it too but the gal who loves tea and crochet just as much as I do!! Happy Christmas xx

  • Ali

    Hi Fiona!
    Thanks for the note! I love your blog! That little crochet teacup is so funny! I’ve been browsing the amigurumi pics on flickr, there’s some really cute stuff out there. Actually I bought the cutest “burger and chips” crochet recently…must post a photo!
    Ali x

    • admin

      Hi, I’m glad you like my ickle website. I think my little teacup is all the better and funnier for its oddness. There are some lovely amigurumi out there – maybe my next attempt will be closer to perfect. Burger and chips… haha. Maybe its cake and biscuits we need to do since we are tea lovers!!??