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string bag with shoppingYay… the string bag which I have been crocheting the last few days is finished! And its FAB!!  About half way through the same 9 stitches over and over and over again I thought ‘this isn’t worth it’ but as I got nearer the end I was spurred on.

I don’t think you can see it very easily in the pictures but I really like the way the handles are formed, by doing a couple of rounds along the top of the bag, then making chains the length of the handle and attaching them a little distance along the top.  You then do a few more rounds, going over the length of the handles.  Cool, eh?String bag stretched 2

Of course when it was finished I just had to put some shopping in it to show it off.  And doesn’t it look great, until you do one thing…

When it’s got things in it and you pick it up it is sooooooooooo stretchy!  It is substantially stretchier lengthways than widthways and becomes very long.  Not quite to the ground, but nto far off it.  I don’t know if that’s because of the thickness of yarn and hook I used or something so I might try slightly different proportions next time.

But I do think its great.  Did I say I was going to give it away?  Wondering if I can go back on that if the intended recipient is unaware…

BTW, I was going to make soup with those yummy leeks but just couldn’t be bothered tonight so maybe tomorrow.

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  • Magpie

    I LOVE it!!!! You are just so talented. xx

  • Hind

    I came to your blog through a link on Google images,from very far.I am in Egypt.I like your posts,and hope you write more often.I wish to add two more details I have forgotten last time. 1:When you reach the end of a row,add some chains before turning to the next row to keep the net flat.So if it consists of 9 ch scallops,add 4 ch. 2:To join the net in the middle hold the two parts together keeping the first”complete”part in front of the one you are working on,make only 9 ch,insert hook in its first space and make a dc,4ch,1 dc in the second “uncomplete”part,till the end of the row. You may also try to change the colours every few rows,to make a striped bag.I hope my english is correct and clear.Have my best wishes. Hind.

  • Hind

    To avoid the downward stretch,I work in rows from side to side,not from the bottom upwards.To begin make a chain double the required length of the bag.Make a very few rows of any solid stitch you like,this is the base of the chain net.Work about 20rows of netting.Cut the thread and repeat all once more,and join the net in the middle.Join 2/3 of each side.Make some rows of a solid st in the two upper parts of the bag,to make it about 7 inches wide.I Work the handles separately and sew them to the upper part,but you can do whatever you like as long as they are comfortable and strong.In that way your bag will stretch sideways,not downwards.I wish you success.Hind.

    • admin

      Hi Hind

      Thanks so much for your advice. I’ve been thinking that a side to side crochet might work better and really appreciate the detail you have added. I might try adding some rows up and down over this green one to hold it in place and tighten it a bit better before i give it to my friend, so that it can be used more practically.

      And thanks so much for adding a comment to my site – you are the first person who is not friend or family who has commented, so welcome to frou-frou!