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Happy New Year to you!  I hope 2010 brings you good times, good health and lots and lots of craftiness.  Those are the things I dream of for the year ahead anyway!

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with my birthday, Christmas, New Year, visiting family  and lots and lots of snow! I spent Christmas at home with Caveman then we went off to Scotland to visit our respective families and most importantly see my nephews and niece.  If there was one thing would make me move back to Scotland it would be them.

The weather was a real challenge, with near knee deep snow in places, frozen roads and sub zero temperatures at all times. The coldest I was out in was -9°c at 9pm one evening, so I can only guess how cold it got in the middle of the night.  Brrrrrrrrrrrr…

And now that the gifts I have made have been given I can share what I’ve been working on for the past few month or so:

A teal / green curly wurly scarf for Rhona:

teal spiral scarf

 A flowery scarf for Jemma (a fellow crocheter):

floral scarf

 Button heart for Rhona:

Button heart

Spiral brooches for a few people, in different colours:

pink grey spiral brooch

A ‘made it up as I went along’ bag for Lucy (age 5 ¾):

 made up as i went along bag

with a sherbet scarf to match:

 sherbert scarf

A butterfly hair clip holder for Lucy:

pink and yellow butterfly hair clip holder


The sherbet and flower scarves are variations of patterns from my favourite crochet book The Happy Hooker, about which I have lots to write at a later date.

I hope all your crafted gifts were well received, and maybe you even received some yourself too.

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  • admin

    Hi Ali
    I nearly didnt give my friend Rhona the curly wurly scarf as I love those colours but I have a grey and pink one(from previous post, as linked) I wear myself and thought it greedy to keep both.

    Thanks for your email via contact form – I got it a few times actually. I did reply, did you get that? Maybe its in your spam? Let me know and I’ll send it again if you didnt.
    Bye for now

    Fi x

  • Ali

    Happy new year! I love the colours you’ve used, espeically in your flowery scarf and the curly wurly scarf!
    I tried to send you a message via your “contact me” form but it wouldn’t work :( Just to say a big thanks for the comment left on my blogiversary post!
    Anyway – happy 2010 to you! Hope it is a creative one ahead!