Crochet Lesson

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Have you ever taught someone to crochet?  I only learned to crochet 6 months ago but believe that I’ve got enough knowledge and skills in it to get someone else hooked – well, I have done enough of it in that time!!

So I was delighted when my friend Claire asked me to show her the basics!  Last night we had a great evening of 3 c’s – crochet, cuppas and catching up!  Perfect!

I crochet without thinking about the movements and actions you do to actually form different stitches any more, as most come automatically now, so it was a bit of a challenge initially to show someone how to do that.  But by actually doing it in slow motion I was able to break down all the steps to show Claire.  After a couple of hours we had covered foundation chains, turning chains, double, half treble and treble crochet, as well as that basic that anyone starting crochet needs to master – where to stick the hook!

Claire’s just text to say she’s been crocheting today, so I hope I’ve found another ‘crocheteer’!  I read on a blog this week that instead of ‘crocheters’ we should be ‘crocheteers’!  I love it!!  Apologies though, as I can’t remember where I read it and went through all recent posts on my RSS reader and can’t find the article, so I can’t credit it.  If it was you then drop me a line!

On that note, this crocheteer is off to crochet!

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  • frou-frou

    Crocheteer Claire – haha, I like that!! We need to set up a group called ‘The Three Crocheteers’ Glad its going well. Can’t wait to see your first project.

    I’ve never had any aches and pains from crochet but read about it. Make sure you stretch your wrist and fingers every now and then. I find its my eyes that ache – when I look up from my work my eyes can feel tired and take a few moments to refocus!

    Or maybe that’s just down to getting older…. :(

  • Claire

    Trainee crocheteer Claire here ! Been practising again today and thanks to my great teacher am ready to stop practising and get going on my scalf.
    Seem to have a bit of wrist ache which I suppose is because it’s a different movement, thanks Fi will keep you posted C X

  • Ali

    Yay! Always good toget someone else hooked. It was my sister that got me into it – I saw her crocheting a lovely blanket and was instantly jealous! She taught me the basics, then I bought a book and a week later that was that! I don’t think I would be a very good teacher though :)

    • frou-frou

      Hi Ali

      I wasn’t sure I’d be able to teach someone else but it went ok. I’m not the most patient person with a lot of things in life, but crochet is such a lovely relaxing hobby it was fine. Which book did you get to learn? I left Claire with a basic learn to Crochet Book which isnt the most stylish, but it has good diagrams and explanations.

      I had tried to teach myself from books but didnt really understand it until I went on a workshop at Fibre and Clay – a gorgeous shop that’s fairly local.
      Fi x