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Craft | Wednesday April 21 2010 | 12:21 pm | 1 Comment | Tags: |

It’s now 10 days since I sent off my pincushion for the Foxs Lane pincushion swap and I don’t think it’s arrived.  I haven’t heard from the intended recipient and I am quite sure they would have blogged about it or dropped me a line on receipt.  I do hope its not fallen into a postal black hole somewhere.

The question is, do I contact them about it, given that it’s meant to be a secret swap?   I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I equally don’t want them sitting waiting thinking they’ve been forgotten about.

Then there’s the complication of the volcanic ash that’s been floating around northern Europe in the past week.  I think my parcel should have got through airspace prior to this, but you never know…

I think I’ll leave it a few days for now and hope that its still in transit.  The Royal Mail website said 2-3 days to for the country in question, so it is quite a delay!

I haven’t received my pincushion from the swap yet either so maybe its delayed because of the airline situation too.  I am beside myself with anticipation.  Well, if such a thing were really possible I’m sure I would be!

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  • tracylea

    I am fired beyond all possible firings for the pin cushion swap. In my crazy busy work and trying to take a vacation I sent your lovely pin cushion off into the wide world..I apparently didn’t do it right (how lame) and it has returned to ME! And I am FAR from you.

    So.. will you please email me your address so I can double check that I have it correct. I have repacked everything to make sure it is all still in tact. And I hope you love it because this poor little thing has been on an adventure of a life time.