Technical help please

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Heeeeeelp! I’m having terrible trouble accessing my own website and admin pages! I can get on at work, Caveman’s house, everywhere else actually. However, on my own laptop and netbook I can’t access frou-frou, even with different internet access services. My netbook is virtually new and has hardly anything on it and I’ve tried to turn off anything that can be turned off. I’ve ruled out several things – it isn’t my ISP (BT), firewall, antivirus software etc.

I run Windows XP and use IE or Chrome. frou-frou is hosted on Freehostia and uses WordPress.

Something I run is clearly getting in the way and preventing me posting or viewing my site!

Anyone had any similar problems? Advice very much appreciated! Also let me know if you’ve had problems viewing or opening pages.

I’m now going to press ‘publish’ and see if this post loads. I’m not expecting miracles so me need to do it elsewhere!!

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  • josiekitten

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry I can’t help you on your technical problems – computers can be so frustrating and a real time waster! Looking forward to popping back and seeing more of your work xx.

    • frou-frou

      Hi Josiekitten

      Thanks for your message and nice to (virtually) meet you!

      I managed to publish the techy help post from my netbook last night but I think that may have been because it was a small post with no pictures. I’m hoping some of my more technical readers / friends pick up my cry for help!!!

      I shall check out your site too,

      Fi x