How much tea is too much tea?

Tea | Monday May 3 2010 | 7:13 pm | Comments (5) | Tags: , |

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  • frou-frou

    Hi Tracylea No pincushion as yet. I promise to contact you as soon as it arrives. I’m going to go to the post office at the weekend and see if it’s sitting there and they haven’t let me know or tried to deliver it (as has happened with other things in the past). Hope all well with you – and don’t worry too much!!

  • tracylea

    I think that looks like just enough tea to me..
    and I’m biting my nails wondering if you’ve received your pincushion yet… how long is too long to wait? It got sent back to me about a week after I sent it the first time.. I’m anxious every time I check the mail now that it will be sitting on my steps again!

  • frou-frou

    Yes it is Didsbury – well spotted!!

    I have to admit that I wasn’t actually drinking out of a teacup that size :( It was a plant pot and it was a sneak picture in a shop!

  • zawtowers

    Is that too much tea?

    Looks like this is in Didsbury somewhere, methinks!

  • Steve

    I drink a LOT of tea. My mugs are mistaken for vases. But THAT could be taking things just a little too far.