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I wouldn’t say I’m getting bored with the granny stripe blanket, but it gives me lots of time to think while working on it and I got to thinking about how many stitches were in it, and its a lot!!!

63,441 to be precise!!!  And that’s before any border (because I haven’t decided what sort of border to put on it yet)

I reckon I’ve completed approximately 19,000 of those stitches to date.

That’s 19,000 down 44,441 to go!!

I love spreadsheets so what else could I do but work out the formula to calculate the number of stitches:

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  • http://happyhangaround.com anka

    hahahahaha, how cool!
    keep up the good work!

    • frou-frou

      Thnaks Anka! Imagine 63,441 stitches! I almost wish I hadn’t counted now – it feels quite daunting!!