Happy Stats

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Just a quick and late happy stats this week!  I’m away from home at mo and haven’t got all I need to get any pics in this post either – so all words I’m afraid!!  Oh so many negatives to start.  But here’s the happy bits:

Driving along in the car with my sister and my nephew and niece singing Hannah Montanasongs.  Not my music of choice but the kids love it and there’s so cute singing together!

A great time at the British Yarn Knit Camp.  I was only there for the marketplace on the Saturday but it was brilliant.  Spoke to lots of lovely people, saw lots of beeeeeeeeeautiful and colourful yarns and spent all the cash I took with me [blush] on yummy things.  Will do a full post on it when I can get the pics sorted.

Visiting Stirling after many years away.  It’s one place I have lived when I had a real sense of the place and its importance in Scottish history.  If I ever move back to Scotland that will probably be where I will live.  I only lived there for a short time many years ago but it has always stayed with me as somewhere special.

Spending time with my family and doing the tourist thing in Glasgow!  Nuff said!

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