On my broomstick

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As I mentioned in last weeks Happy Stats I have been investigating broomstick lace / crochet and managed to get my head round the fundamentals.  So off I went with my broomstick!


There are so many places online that describe how to tackle this so much better than I could, so I won’t even try.  What I will say though is that it needs 3 hands, so I was on a losing battle from the off, along with a normal crochet hook and a broomstick, or a similar sized and shaped stick type thing to make the loops.  I used the biggest knitting needle I have which is 15mm but I think a bigger one would have been better, or even a bit of broom handle or dowelling.

So without the aid of a 3rd hand I managed to get off the ground.   It’s rather unusual technique in several ways, not least because you work from left to right making the loops, so it all feels a bit back to front!


I love the look of the loops crossing over each other.  It somehow reminds me of art nouveau styling.  Does that make sense, or is that just in my day dreamy head? 

I think it would be great as a scarf, cushion cover or even some jewellery items.  I still need to work on getting the hang of it, 6 rows does not an expert broomstick crocheteer make!  But as a starter I am impressed with the technique and will stick (sorry, no pun intended! Honest!!) with it!!

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  • http://www.ahappyone.wordpress.com ferabeth

    Wow! Just keep going on that and you’ve got yourself a scarf. Beautiful!

  • http://www.zawtowers.org.uk/ zawtowers

    The name broomstick crochet makes me think it’s linked to “witch craft”.

    Seriously though, it looks like it’s a different method and the look certainly is very art nouveau. You could easily see a scarf in that style.

  • http://www.snipsnaphappy.blogspot.com Ali

    Wow, that looks and sounds super complicated! Looks fabulous though, lookig forward to seeing how it all turns out.
    (By the way I LOVE your granny stripe blanket – the colours are amazing!)

    • frou-frou

      Thanks for all your comments. I’m only just trying broomstick crochet at the mo, not expecting this little sample to turn itself into anything. You should give it a go – its not too hard, just a little cumerbsome. Fi x

  • http://www,hotchpotchheather.blogspot.com Heather

    I think I may have some old broomstick patterns.
    I think this would look great as a chunky bracelet with a few beads on it.

  • http://plus3crochet.blogspot.com Casey

    I really like the look of the broomstick stitch, one day I will try it out! you did a really great job, I think it would make a good cushion cover, the texture is awesome