What a week!

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I’ve had a heck of a week, and one that I certainly don’t ever want to live through again.  As a result Happy Stats are cancelled this week as I’m finding it very hard to celebrate anything.

I was told at work last Thursday that I am to be made redundant after over 11 years working in the same place.  I will be here until just before Christmas and there is a chance during that time something else will come up and I could be redeployed, but I have to admit I am already be finding it very hard to stay motivated and positive.  It wasn’t completely unexpected, but I certainly wasn’t ready for it right now and had hoped that other options would have been discussed and considered before it came to this.

I’ve heard and thought ‘oh, it could be an opportunity’ and ‘what about doing more craft based work’ and yes either or both are a possibility.  But for now I need to think a lot, wallow a bit, get used to the idea, get angry, get upset and then eventually start working out what I’m going to do.

On top of that, the very next day actually, someone very close to me had some tough news health wise and it did give me a bit of perspective.  However, it’s horrible when everyone is so upset and worried and all I want to do is be there and help.

I have managed to get some respite in crochet over the weekend and been back working on the granny stripe blanket but I’ve been so tired its not really given me any pleasure.  I am hoping that once I’ve caught up on sleep and got over initial shock and upset that things will start to feel a bit more normal.  Not least because I have present making to get done this week.

Normal frou-frou should be resumed soon but in the meantime, I intend to pootle about a bit, moan a bit and have a good boo from time to time.  But don’t worry, there will still be crochet!  There will always be crochet!

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  • http://www.chezpenny.com Penny Peberdy

    Chin up Frou-Frou! My loving and caring firm made me redundant 5 years ago – when I went back to work six weeks after my husband died! Double whammy! …and I’m still here…

    • frou-frou

      Hi Penny thanks for your message. Well done you on getting through what must have been a very tough time.

  • zawtowers

    Sending you lots of hugs too – sounds like it’s been a nightmare week for you. You know where I am if you want to talk xx

    • frou-frou

      Thanks sweetie. I’ll be in touch when I’m feeling a bit more together xx

  • http://www.louiseodwyer.com Louise

    I’m so sorry about your rotten week. Sending you a virtual (((((hug)))).

    • frou-frou

      Aw thanks Louise – all support and good wishes gratefully received, Fiona xx