An apple a day

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Two of my buddies from work are getting themselves a Civil Partnership this week and I wanted to make them a little gift to celebrate.  I have settled on a set of my super cute little apple coasters which are a real favourite of mine and have been really popular with everyone who has seen them.

I got the pattern from a booklet in a magazine earlier this year (sorry, can’t remember which one) and they are really simple to make.  The basic shape is really simple as it starts off as just a few circular rounds then the last one makes the curvy apple shape with a combination of slip stitches, doubles, half trebles and trebles.  Simple but very effective in my opinion!  I have tried to adapt the basic pattern to make a pear shape too but haven’t quite mastered that yet, but it isn’t far off.  I’ll share pics of that if I ever master it.

And in case you’re wondering, all the rubbishy stuff is still going on, but I have decided that as crafting and blogging are what keeps me sane and clinging onto the planet, I am not going to let them be affected!

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  • Yanach

    I love your apple design. This will make a cute coasters for my dining room. Do you not remember how you made them? or, where I can get the pattern. I would love to make them in green (alas, green apples). The center I can figure out but the last round . . .I don’t know! Please help.  Thanks Frou Frou

  • handmaidliset

    So cute!!

  • Louise

    Hello and thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely things you said. Amazing, your holiday cottage is practically on my doorstep. You are so right its a great part of the world. I count my blessings every day. I,m off now to take a look around here. Great fun.

  • Annemarie

    Oh they are lovely!! They must be so happy with this gift, it’s gorgeous.


    • frou-frou

      Hi thanks for all the lovely comments about the apples. They are great aren’t they.

      Ali, unfortunatly I don’t think I can do a tutorial as its a published pattern in a magazine. I’ll dig it out and let you know where it was from and you can see if you can get a copy.

      But if I work out a pear version I’ll definitely post it!

      Fi x

  • Ali

    Gorgeous, I love the apple coasters! I want to make a coaster for my bedside table and this would be perfect…you don’t fancy doing a tutorial do you? 😉

  • Pearlin J

    those coasters are sooo sweet! Love them!

  • Crochet with Raymond

    Oh I love them! wouldn’t they make the best ever gifts!
    Very cool…
    crafting and blogging keep me sane too… I’m training to be a counsellor which is highly demanding, so I’m not surprised when I realised how important it is for me to do my hooky business every day and make myself a happy place on the www!!!