A bed for Pillows

Craft | Friday October 8 2010 | 10:35 pm | Comments (3) | Tags: , |

Oh what a busy day!  Visiting family, lunch with my sister in law and her mum and dad, baby sitting, travelling to my sisters, taking the kids out for tea and then crocheting a bed for Pillows!

Yes, you may well ask!! Pillows?  My nephew has a new favourite bedtime toy.  His older sister had it as a baby and she has now given him it as she is too old for it, seeing as she’s a schoolgirl now!!!  When asked what it was called he declared ‘Pillows’!  Who are we to question such decidedness!

But poor Pillows looked cold and it is likely that he’ll spend many a night cast out of a cosy bed to sleep on the floor:

One hour later and Pillows has a crocheted snuggly sleeping bag bed with a hood to keep his ears warm and a happy nephew knowing Pillows won’t get hypothermia in the night!  (Oh yes, and one mad aunty who may never learn that toys don’t feel the cold!)

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  • frou-frou

    Happy nephew + Happy Pillows = Happy Aunty Fiona

  • http://gillianhamilton.blogspot.com/ Gillian

    awwwww…..what a fab Aunty you are :)
    Pillows looks very snug indeed!

  • http://clarascrochetroom.blogspot.com Clara

    Oh my gosh that is cute. You made his day. I love it when the opportunity strikes and you can use your craft to really make someone happy. Great job.