Crochet for Breakfast

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This morning I awoke at an embarrassingly early hour. 5.00am to be precise, and that’s not like me. You see, I’m a real night owl. I believe my natural sleep pattern is from about 2.00am – 10.00am. This does not fit well with a standard 9-5 job, so I do try to be in bed by about midnight, and last night I wasn’t much later than that.

So why was I awake to early today? I have no idea other than the fact that I have a lot going on at the moment and my head is all a-spin with it.

There was however a plus side. I had breakfast at home while watching the news (I love the news by the way – in fact I write this while listening to the Comprehensive spending Review here in the UK on the radio – we will all know our financial fate by the end of this!). After breakfast I still had an hour before I even needed to get ready for work. The best thing to do in that hour was crochet! Well, I couldn’t do anything noisy at 7am and disturb my neighbours, could I?

I had already started the first strip of my circles scarf and I was able to get that finished. Don’t you love the way the colours blend into one another and mix and match along the length of this strip and within each circle. Brilliant and simple.  Each circle doesn’t lie as flat as I would have liked, but I will give it a press and hopefully it will be a bit better.  

The pattern itself is deceptively simple.  Its basically just a shell pattern at intervals along a chain, and then the same on the other side of the chain. 

I have no intention of making early starts a regular thing.  In fact I am hoping it doesn’t become a habit – it’s not one I would like to have.  I am always stunned when people tell me the things they manage to do before coming to work each day – hanging washing out, cleaning the floor, making lunches.  Even more impressive are those who manage to get themselves AND kids out on time.  I can just get myself out.

Ah well, roll on bed time!

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  • Gillian

    It is really looking lovely! that yarn is just beautiful :)rn

  • tracylea

    heheh, yes, getting up early is rather a pain. I still do it tho. always have been an early riser (but also stay up late) I function well on about 6 hours of sleep. At least until I crash and can’t get out of bed for 3 days 😉 The scarf is lovely!

    • frou-frou

      Hi Tracylea I couldn’t function on 6 hours sleep, but I am good at catnaps so those keep me going, rnrnHope all well with you, Fiona x

  • Anka

    I am a night owl, too, but I would wake up for such lovely crochet. I so want to try this pattern, too!

    • frou-frou

      Hi Anka Do you think night owls love owls? It seems all the ones I know do, Fiona xx