Designed your own amigurumi?

Craft | Tuesday October 5 2010 | 7:33 pm | Comments (2) | Tags: |

I have had a go at a few amigurumi since I’ve been crocheting but never been very successful with them.  But they are mega cute and I must master the techniques they use.  I also have a couple of the Super Cute crochet books which are well, super cute!!

But what if you want to design your own or make one in the style of your own pet?  Here’s a great tool I came across via Craftzine and Lion Brand Yarn Studio.   It’s a really straightforward little app where you can change the size and shape of all the parts of your amigurumi design and it will generate the pattern!  I’m yet to have a proper try of it, but isn’t it a great idea!! 

Let me know if you use it!

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  • ferabeth

    Cool idea! Once I get past the Holiday Bazaar season I’m definitely gonna try it out!

    • frou-frou

      Hi Ferabeth thanks so much for your message. Isnt the amigurumi tool really clever!! I am going to have a good read of your site now, and I shall look forward to seeing your own designs in the futurenFiona x