Happy Stats

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I’m feeling rather perky today so it is jolly nice to share some happy stats.  Here goes:

Safe rescue of 33 Chilean miners.  Who can fail to be touched by this story.  All arguments about the reasons it happened in the first place and the media circus that ensued aside, its an incredible story.  Caveman said to me ‘This will make a brilliant film’  I actually think that a film of it will not be as remarkable as the reality and all I would want to see in a film would be the actual footage of the families reunited.  My favourite image from the whole thing was the last of the rescuers leave them empty mine and the rescue capsule disappear up through the ceiling.  I’ll never tire of seeing that.

A weekend to myself to just do ‘me’ things as Caveman has been at a film festival all weekened.  I love time with just my own company.

Blogtoberfest… still!  Daily blogging is a lot less challenging than I’d thought, but I don’t know that I can maintain it long term.  I’m sure I’ll see the month out though!

Our holiday getting very close!  Oh, I can ALMOST touch it!

My first purchases from my new LYS!


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