Nice weather for…

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Ducks!  Staying indoors and watching an old film!  Crochet! 

Manchester, where I live in North West England, is well known for rain.  And lots of it.  In the past few weeks we’ve certainly seen a lot of it. 

I don’t mind what the weather does, coming and going of its own accord as it does.  I know the moods of a lot of people, including my mum, are quite affected by it and can become quite down when it gets cold, dark and damp, but strangely it’s one thing that doesn’t bother me.

My only problem with the weather (OK, I admit there is one) is that I’m very bad for not looking out of the window to consider the weather when choosing what to wear!  Will I never learn?  Probably not!!

Here are a couple of pics of the rain battering down.  The view from my living room window:

Through my bedroom window I can normally see a lovely view of rooftops across suburban Manchester, but not today:

I need to go out now and get some food shopping but after that I feel a cosy afternoon of crochet may be in order when I get back.  Now I wonder what films are on…..!

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