Happy Stats

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Oh things this week are happy, so happy stats ahoy!!  In fact these happy things are from today alone!

Being away from home and work!

The circles scarf being complete.  I couldn’t wait to wear it, even though it does need to be blocked because the circles don’t quite lie flat.  I love these colours:

This view from the table while I ate my breakfast:


This appearing in the sky when I was having breakfast:

A gorgeous drive out to Pateley Bridge, a lovely lunch and a mooch around

Visiting the LYS in Ripon and getting myself just a few balls of yarn.  They have a really wide range of King Colewhich I love for its value and usability.

Sheep for neighbours:

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  • http://gillianhamilton.blogspot.com/ Gillian

    Well done on finishing your beautiful scarf :)rnit’s been lovely watching your making it!