Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

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I’ll be honest!  I’m not dancing a jig.  In fact, I’m quite sad and I left a little bit of my heart in Yorkshire this morning.

We did most of the packing and organising last night so this morning it was easier to just get up, have breakfast and enjoy our last few hours in the cottage.

I think even the sheep were sad to see us go as they didn’t even come near to say bon voyage!

So, home now!  I always have a monent of nerves before getting back home but everything was fine, thankfully.  We’ve just had a lazy afternoon and a snooze since getting home, not even put any washing on yet.

However, I thought some crochet would help cheer me up (doesn’t it always?).  I had an idea for a change to my new favourite circles scarf.  The way the pattern works you crochet one half of each circle in a row then the other half.  I thought of changing yarn for that second half, and here is the result!  I think it looks great and I plan to make it up overall of all different colours for each half of each row.

What do you think?


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  • http://aminpdx.blogspot.com Adrianne

    Hi, I saw your project on Ravelry. I was wondering how you found color changing yarn that ran on so long! LOL. It’s very beautiful. I trying out the pattern in a yarn that has one part color changing with a couple of solids mixed in. It gives quite a different look.

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Adrianne thanks for your comment. The yarn I used for the scarf on Ravelry is the King Cole Riot and I have to admit it was a bit of an accident that it changed colour in a way that really suited this project. I’ve now bought a few more balls of it to make some more. The recommended yarn is a Noro from memory, but I thought the king Cole was a good alternative. nnI’ve also now jsut finished one where i changed the actual yarn every half circle row, I’ll post it later.nnLet me know your ravelry name so I can look at yours or add me as a friend, Fiona x

  • hairball

    Ooooh I think you should call it ‘The party ring scarf!’ – thats what it reminds me of! Yum!!! xx

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      LOVE that name. I think that’s what it shall now be known as in these colours x

  • Gillwatson

    Great idea – I love it – I may have to copy it!!!!nGill

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Gill you should give it a go, its a great pattern – my new favourite!! Last year I couldnt stop making spirals, this year circles. Fiona x

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  • Clarascrochetroom

    This is really neat!