I’ve not forgotten the crochet!

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Good morning!  I’ve been up quite early this morning, which is reallynot like me!  I’m rather good at sleeping and particularly with everything that’s been going on lately my sleep has been quite disturbed so I have been catching up a bit during the day.  I am a great believer in sleep as a healer!

I just realised that my last few posts haven’t even mentioned crochet!  I still find it a little odd when I write about other things going on on my life and not primarily crafty things.  I’m not sure anyone’s interested in them either, but I do quite like sharing the odd random other bits and pieces.

So time to get back to the crochet!  I’ve not been sitting here twiddling my thumbs without having a crochet hook in them. 

I have been making some more apple coasters, in green this time:

I’ve also started another circle scarf.  This is really an amazing pattern, I love it so much!  This one is again in King Cole Riot, this time shade number 400 which is blue, grey, green shades and is destined for a present!

Now don’t be alarmed by the word I’m about to use!!!  I IRONED the first circles scarf!  Have you noticed in the picture of the new blue one that each little circle curls in on itself?  The first finished scarf curled up like this along its whole length which looked funny and meant the lovely circles couldn’t be seen properly. 

Ok, maybe I could have blocked it properly, but I’m very naughty and impatient.  I pressed it very lightly with the iron on wool setting, so it wasn’t too hot.  It worked a treat!  The circles have flattened and overall it has a lovely more lacy feel, which I really like.  Here are a couple of pics of the very final finished result:


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  • Zoe

    Great version of Linda’s Circles – all at the Inside Crochet office are impressed! Thank you for your lovely comments – if you want to send us a photo (or a Flicker link) we’d love to include it in the Reafer Gallery!

    Zoe (KALMedia)

  • Teresa

    Love the latest scarf! Love all the different ones you have made with this pattern! Amazing how different they look because of the yarn you used.

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Teresa thanks for your message. I think I need to try something other than these scarves soon!!! I’ll sicken myself otherwise, but it’s such a fab pattern, Fiona x

  • http://www.knitsix.blogspot.com Hannah Six

    I loved that scarf the minute I saw it. Glad to know it’s such fun to crochet! BTW: I love your blog design — very pretty :)

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Hannah thanks for your message. The scarf pattern is amazing. I can’t stop making them and every yarn I have makes me wonder if it will be suitable for another. Do you think I’m a little obsessed? And thanks for comments about my blog. I’ve very proud of it. I love the colours – they make me smile whenever i look at it as others see it :) Fiona xx

  • Clarascrochetroom

    So nice.

  • Heather

    Oh I wish I could get the pattern for this. No inside crochet mags left was it Nov issue. Your scarf is gorgeous