Starry, starry night!

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I really don’t need a new project as I have some Christmas gifts to make for others to give, some for me to give and 2/3 of a granny stripe blanket already on my WIP list.

However, my bestest crochet chum is working on a gorgeous project at the minute that I really want to try.  It’s the Brighton Cowl which just looks so yummy and seasonal that I am having difficulty resisting.  This picture is hers:

Picture from: Hairballs and Hatstands

I need to have a good rummage around my yarn stash (which is really very small!  Honest!!  No, really it is!!) and find a suitable yarn for this project. 

I also really like the shape of these stars – I think they would be lovely for Christmas decorations too!

I find myself with some time on my hands at the moment as I’m not in work because I have been really not coping well with the redundancy situation.  I am struggling to do day to day things but I think keeping the crochet going will help keep me sane and active, even it if isn’t getting me out of my pyjamas, the washing done or the bathroom cleaned!

Did you notice that yesterday was the first day I hadn’t posted for ages?  I kind of missed it, after the daily blogging of Blogtoberfet and my holiday.  Maybe the extra time I have will enable me to write regularly too!  I can but try!

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  • Delishus

    “my yarn stash (which is really very small! Honest!! No, really it is!!) “nnyou’re not fooling anyone, you know. least of all me 😛

  • Clarascrochetroom

    Thanks for the link especially since I have very similar yarn. Oh c’mon, give yourself a break. Good to get in some crochet time.

  • Steven Townley

    The very words “yarn stash” seem to convey the magnitude you aspire to if not the reality today. I am picturing those TV News scenes with police cars outside a house and shots of an attic piled high with, shall we say, “raw materials”!