I’m in print! Kind of!

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I was so excited a couple of months ago to get a message from Inside Crochet magazine to see if they could use my picture of the Circles Scarf I have raved on and on about in their Readers Gallery!  ‘Of course’ I said!!!

Well today I bought a copy of Inside Crochet magazine, Issue 14, and turned first to the Readers Gallery.  There it was, my scarf picture taken on a fence post in Yorkshire on our hols last autumn!

The text said:

‘Above: We’re big fans of Louise Bromley’s beautiful circles scarf (Issue 11)’

Louise Bromley?  That’s not me!  But it’s my picture! 

Ah well, these things happen.  I can still say my scarf was in the magazine!

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  • http://gillianhamilton.blogspot.com/ Gillian

    That is a shame the got the name wrong, But it is lovely to know they thought so much of your beautiful scarf to add it to the mag, it really is Gorgeous!!! :)

  • Sarah Anderson

    how rubbish is that! but so, so cool they published a picture of your scarf. I’d email them and let them know, they may put it in again with an apology

  • Clarascrochetroom

    Wouldn’t you know it? I hate it when things like that happen but we all know it’s yours and it’s beautiful! Well done. BTW, thanks for your kind comments on my blog…I won’t leave again!

  • http://www.hotchpotchheather.blogspot.com Heather B2

    got a copy of the magazine on EBAY the one with the pattern for the scarf! Well chuffed x

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Heather that’s great – hope you didnt have to pay too much. I’m going to do another post with details of the places you can get versions of the pattern but they aren’t quite the same. You may well become addicted to this pattern – be warned!! Fiona x

  • http://www.snipsnaphappy.blogspot.com Ali

    Oh no! How funny! Still, the scarf looks beautiful! I had my wedding photographs featured in a wedding magazine and the main photo of me and the “groom” was actually of me and the best man!! :)) Heh heh!

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Oh Ali that did make me laugh – Sorry!!! I hope your real groom saw the funny side too!

      Hope you’re well Fiona x

  • http://www.countessablaze.com Countess

    That’s fabulous! I can see why you rave on about this pattern as it’s utterly gorgeous.

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      It is a great pattern – I’m about to do a post with details of where you can get versions of it so that everyone can get addicted too! XX

  • http://www.hotchpotchheather.blogspot.com Heather B2

    well done you must be very proud. I still have not got hold of this pattern and seeing it here yet again I am yearning once more.