Measuring Up

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Want to know a secret?  I’m very naughty!  I have never, ever made a tension square before.  When I knitted I didn’t.  Since I have been crocheting I haven’t.  Until now!

Thankfully I’ve never had a problem with stitch tension.  In fact I am rather proud, if I say so myself, at having what could be classed as a very standard and even tension and projects have always come out as intended.

So why start now?  The Crochet Club project I am just about to start isn’t critical on size in terms of fit, but I have been soooooo impatient to get started it was a way to get started.  It also let me try out the yarn (Rowan Cotton Glace) which I really like!  It’s quite a dense cotton that has really crisp stitch definition and isn’t very ‘splitty’ compared to some other cottons.

So how did I measure up?  The advised tension for this project is 21.5 stitches x 24 rows over 10cm square using a 3mm hook in double crochet.  I got 21 stitches x 25 rows.  I think that’s close enough for jazz!

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  • Shantilu

    I have never made a tension square before, and I think that now, with this CC project I’ll have to start!

    • frou-frou

      Hi Shantilu thanks for your message. I’m amazed how many people don’t make tension squares even though patterns always tell us to. Hope you are enjoying the crochet club, Fiona x

  • Clarascrochetroom

    Oh, you did very well. I hate it when tension becomes an issue but some yarns look horrible the larger your project like a blanket with one color and one stitch. I’m working on one now but so far, so good. I keep checking it out as I go along.

  • frou-frou

    Well, from the straw poll here it seems noone does tension squares! Glad it’s not just me!! :o)

  • Sarah Anderson

    I like crocheting flowers best so have never needed to do a tension square, thank goodness!!! Loving all the crochet on your blog, I’ve had a bit of a browse. I’m in Sale so guessing not far from you?

  • Gillian

    I’m guilty of never doing a tension square also (blushing)…… 😉

  • Penny Peberdy

    I NEVER do a tension square… …and I know I should, but I have done them in the past and even if they are perfect (or practically perfect) sometimes the garment (I don’t make big things any more) turns out too big or too small. When I used to knit a lot and did the dreaded TS and changed needles as recommended, etc, etc, I often could NEVER get the right measurement on the square no matter what I did. Now I design my own (small stuff) things that don’t really matter if your tension is not the same as mine, and I suffer much less angst…

  • zawtowers

    If it’s like jazz, is it like the Fast Show Jazz Club?

    Nice…. as is the yarn! Have fun with it :)

  • Countess Ablaze

    I have never done a tension square either and have always managed to get my FO to be just-about the right size. I fear that one day, my luck will run out!

    • frou-frou

      Every single pattern starts with it doesn’t it??! It’s probably to cover themselves really.

      If your luck runs out just felt it or turn it into something else!! It’s just another crafty opportunity!! Fi x