The times they are a-changin’

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Today is a big day for me, but not necessarily in a good way.  That will hopefully change but I’m still not ready to feel it!  Today is my first day without a job for 18 years, since the summer I left university in fact.

It’s been coming for many months, but as of 15th January I’ve been redundant.  I only found out the previous day that it was actually going ahead as my appeal had been completely rejected!  It’s not a good feeling and it won’t be for a long time.  It doesn’t feel like any sort of relief now that the actual day itself has passed, particularly when it’s not as cut and dried as me leaving and it all being over.  I have many issues about the way its been done and the fairness of it so I will be taking legal advice and probably taking it further.  I can’t say I want to do that but I’ve spent 5 months fighting for my 13 year career with the same organisation and been lied to, undermined and treated very unfairly and unreasonably.  Yes, most of that is my ‘opinion’ but the organisation has policies which have not been followed and in my view that’s just not fair.

It doesn’t help that today is classed as Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year!  Just what I need!

This website was never meant to be about this type of issue, or anything other than craft, tea and cake, but I just feel I had to ‘vent’! 

I will have more time on a day to day basis to crochet, see friends and try to get on top of things, but I am a great believer in working for a living if you possibly can and this doesn’t sit well with me at all.

Splurge over!  Next post will be back to normal content!

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  • Clarascrochetroom

    I’m presently struggling to find work and at my age it is not as easy. I really hope all works out for you. I think a positive attitude goes a long way even if it is just for your own sanity! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    • frou-frou

      Hi Clara it’s a tough time at present isn’t it. Wishing you every success xx

  • lyn

    I’m so sorry to hear this! Sending warm thoughts to you.

    • frou-frou

      Hi Lyn rhanks for your message. I really appreciate everyone’s support and good thoughts, Fiona xx

  • Countess

    As yesterday was Blue Monday, I declare today ‘Crochet Tuesday!’
    Hang in there.

    Lyndsey x

    • frou-frou

      Yesterday my friend and sister in law and I decided to tuned it into Pink Monday which brightened it up a bit.Today my friend and I are just about to go out a little trip out to Black Sheep Wools so Crochet Tuesday it is!! Perfect! Fiona x

  • Rachael

    Keep your chin up and try to remember that as one door closes, another one opens. If you have been treated unfairly I know it’s not as easy to move on but I hope one day soon you will look back and think wow, if I hadn’t left my old job then I wouldn’t be doing this wonderful thing now. My brother was devastated when he was being made redundant by a company where he’d done his best and didn’t even really like the job. Once he knew they were letting him go, he began working his exact job specifications and not helping everyone else like he always used to do. Just before he left, the director of the company came to tell him they’d made a mistake as they realised he’d been the one doing all the good work (his and many other people’s – he’s a software engineer). He just smiled to himself as he’d just heard that he’d got the job of his dreams with a well known Formula 1 company. If they hadn’t made him redundant he would never have had the guts to leave. he was also offered jobs for every interview that he’d had at that time too! His career has now taken off. So after all this waffling what I really want to say is hang on in there. Xx

    • frou-frou

      Thanks so much for the encouragement! It’s really hard to have that conversation with myself but good to hear that good things CAN happen after horrible things. And crochet helps!! Fiona x