An ‘interesting’ image

Craft | Thursday February 24 2011 | 10:05 pm | Comments (8) | Tags: , |

I’ve discovered something very interesting in the past few days!!!

I started getting a LOT of favourites and comments on one of my images on Flickr, an unusually large amount for me.  Then these messages started saying ‘well done for being in Explore!’  So I explored myself to find out what this was all about!! 

I learned that Flickr select 500 images every day which they promote because of their ‘interestingness’ which they identify using a very secret algorithm.  They publish these under a category called ‘Explore’ and this is very popular with people to browse a wide selection of images.

The lovely image you see here got to number 57 in the interestingness ranks on Flickr last weekend!  This is something that many aspire for and there are lots of websites giving advice on how to achieve it.  I am very proud of having done this without even trying!  I may be more proud of the blanket than the image itself, but that’s just me!!

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  • Nienke Witteveen

    And well deserved, I love that blanket, and the picture… the colors and the wicker of the basket… it’s so homely and comfy… love love love it!!!

  • KT

    Wow, congratulations on making Explore! It’s a fab blanket so it’s nice lots of people are viewing it!

  • Teacup Lane

    Congratulations on your photo making Explore in Flickr! I love granny stripes throws (although I haven’t tried to make one yet). Yours is beautiful with all the lovely colors. I found you in Flickr and just became a follower of your blog! Hurray!

  • Gillian

    Wow, that is pretty cool :)

    it is a beautiful photo, of a GORGEOUS blanket!

  • clevercheshirecats

    That’s so lovely to hear – well done!

  • Adrianne

    Yes – you did the work to make the interesting blanket, then took the interesting photo. Way to go!

  • Delishus

    Yes, that is truly EXCELLENT photograph. Remind me who took it? 😛

  • Ruth

    Well done! I have never fully understood the “Explore” concept on Flickr but it’s probably more to do with my ignorance than anything else.

    I also wanted to thank you personally for your kind words yesterday. It’s people like you and all the other supportive comments that make my blogging worthwhile – so I’m staying for the long run!

    Thank you so much again!

    Ruth :)