Taking Granny on holiday

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This past week Caveman and I spent a few days at the little cottage in Yorkshire that we love so much.  It was wonderful to be back there, partly because it’s a gorgeous place to be and partly because it was a much needed change of scenery.

As Caveman took his new laptop (I feel like a laptop widow right now!) I took some crochet and embroidery.  I thought some easy and relaxing crochet was the way to go and my still growing granny stripe blanket was ideal.  During our stay there were some gloriously bright but slightly chilly days, but it was a great opportunity to take some lovely pictures of the blanket:

The blanket is growing nicely and I am still really enjoying working on it, although it does feel like a labour of love.  I also know that at some point I need to stop making rows and start on the border.  Now that WILL be a mammoth task!

I particularly love the picture below of the blanket all neatly folded and sitting in the sunlight:

While we were away I was troubled terribly by an awful breakout of eczema and hardly slept for a few days.  Despite wishing we could stay longer in Yorkshire I was glad to get back home to see my doctor and I am pleased to report that my skin is feeling much better.  My lack of sleep resulted in a snooze on the settee one afternoon and it was the first time I ever actually used the blanket for its final intended purpose.  I am pleased to report it was luscious!

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  • Bluehighways

    May I ask you where you found this pattern? It is beautiful!

  • Penelope10

    So beautiful and cozy!

  • Sarah @ Sarahndipities

    This is an absolutely beautiful blanket!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi :) I am in love with your blanket! You’ve inspired me to make my own. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Gnomeangel, I got a ‘ping’ to say you’d linked to it. Glad you like it – I shall be watching your website for updates on yours!!! Fiona x

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  • http://kusz.blogspot.com Mrs. Dull

    Oh my, I love these colours, which yarn did you use?

  • http://www.countessablaze.com Countess Ablaze

    Your blanket has just made me smile – it’s so cheerful! Glad to hear your skin is feeling better. I’ve never had eczema but as a child, I was allergic to sunlight and had to wrap up constantly or within two mins of UV exposure, I’d be blistered and bleeding. Fortunately I grew out of it when I was an adult (meh, I’m not a grown up – yet!) but when I hear of other people with skin problems, I have nothing but sympathy. Sounds like you have a good doctor helping you to keep it in check. x

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Countess thanks for your message. I love the comments I get on this blanket, it makes me smile too!

      My skin is much, much better now thanks! In fact, I dont think it has ever been so soft or looked so healthy!!!

      Do you still have porblems with sunlight or has it changed as you got older,

      Fiona x

  • http://gillianhamilton.blogspot.com/ Gillian

    Oh it is just GORGEOUS!!!! what a joyful blanket :)
    Lovely photos too Fiona!

    I’m sorry you have had a hard time with your eczema, but I am glad your skin is feeling better x

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Thanks Gillian, lovely comments about blanket and lovely recovered skin = happy me!

      Fiona x

  • Renee

    That is one of the prettiest ones of these I have seen! It really makes me want to make one now! Great inspiration. Lovely work! Sorry to hear about your eczema. I have it too and it can be so horrible… Glad you are feeling better!

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Renee thanks for your message. Glad you like my blanket – I am delighted with how its turning out.

      As for my skin – i am happy to say it’s so much better now!!! It really is a nasty condition isn’t it??!

      Fiona x

  • clevercheshirecats

    Your crochet is super neat and the rainbow colours are gorgeous. Rachael Xx

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Thanks Rachael, my crochet may be super neat but it’s about the only thing in my life that is! In everything else I’m super untidy – especially my flat and my handwriting!! :o) Fiona x