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Since I have recently started embroidery, I wanted to find a project that would give me lots of practice on the main stitches.  I chose a tablecloth that has a floral pattern repeated around it, that uses mainly satin stitch, french knots and lots and lots of stem stitch.  So far I am particularly bad at the stem stitch so practicing that will be useful.  In some places I am also going to replace the stem stitch with split chain stitch or backstitch.  I think the overall look won’t be affected and it will make it ‘my own’ a bit too.

I have also seen a few really nice sampler patterns around.  Not the very traditional ‘home sweet home’ type, much more modern than that.  There’s a great and quite simple one by Sublime Stitching that I think I will get started on very soon.

I also received a fabulous parcel of purchases from Sublime Stitching!  More next time!!!

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  • Clarascraftroom

    Simply beautiful!

  • Ali

    It’s looking beautiful so far! Can’t wait to see it completed :)

  • Sewing Daisies

    I can’t wait to see the tablecloth when it’s done. Those yellow flowers are adorable; They look fantastic against the natural linen.



    • frou-frou

      Thanks, I shall post updates as it progresses x

    • frou-frou

      Thanks for your message. I shall post updates as this project progresses x