It’s about time…

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…that I got this show back on the road!  Anyone missed me?  Anyone noticed I’ve been gone?

Time really does fly doesn’t it!  All that time ago when I was last here I had just got a temporary job working on the UK Census 2011 and as soon as that started I was in a complete whirlwind (or more like a twister, earthquake and avalanche rolled into one) that didn’t let up.  However, I absolutely loved the work and it finished a couple of weeks ago.  I am rather sad that it finished but it did me a lot of good and it was a great experience doing something so different from what I’d done before and it has definitely put me back on the right track!

Back now to job hunting, crochet, time to myself, crochet, catching up with neglected friends and maybe even a bit of housework!  Well, maybe not the last one there!

This is just a quick hello to ease myself back into things.  More will follow with crochet, colour, usual tales of craftiness and of course buttons and tea!  There will always be buttons and tea!!

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  • zawtowers

    Yaay! The blog is back :)  Good good!

  • Bev Barradell

    Glad you’re back, wondered where you were but realised you’d get in touch when you were able. I did a census here in Australia a couple of times but only 6 weeks at a time involved, very tiring. Anyway good you’re back and hope you’ll soon be into things  again. Bev

  • frou-frou

    Hey girls thanks for your messages!  Good to be back and can’t believe I left it so long! Looking forward to talking to you all again xx

  • Gill

    Welcome back!
    Working on the census sounds fascinating!

  • Adrianne Martin

    Of course I missed you! But I didn’t want to bother you – figured you were busy with life and stuff.

    Yea!  frou-frou is back!

  • anka

    Welcome back! Looking forward to reading you again!