Not a yarn or hook in sight!

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It’s rare that I do anything crafty that doesn’t involve yarn or textiles, but Kathy and I were keen to try Decopatch at Bean and Brush, so after the usual tea and cake (of course!) we headed to their craft room!

Wondering what decopatch is? I think this picture will give you a good idea:

Yup, just as it looks – ripping up gorgeous printed paper into little random shaped pieces then sticking them to an object of your choosing with some glue! And the papers are mighty pretty…

I chose to decorate a box, kind of in the shape of the Taj Mahal, and Kathy sensibly chose a tissue box cover. We set to work and within about 2 minutes were quiet as mice and chilled; sticking and pasting and decorating! It’s so simple and really lovely and calming. Not much thought is required so a little chit chat and catching up along the way and look what we made…

Kathy’s tissue box:

My Taj Mahal box:

Next stop Hobbycraft for supplies!!!

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  • jafabrit b

    I had fun visiting your wonderful blog, and woo hoo, look at those yarn bombers :)

  • zawtowers

    Reminds me a little bit of découpage for some reason Рsimilar sort of method.  I have to say the results look very nice though Рwell done!