A new toy!

Craft | Wednesday December 7 2011 | 12:52 am | Comments (2) | Tags: , , , |

I’ve been finding myself drawn more and more back to knitting recently, but I have a real mental block about a lot of knitting. I often love the look of it but don’t ‘get’ how it works much of the time, unlike crochet which makes sense to me.

So I have a new piece of equipment which I am hoping will help. Ok, it might be cheating, but I’ll live with that!

I have a shiny new second (third?/fourth?) hand knitting machine! It’s a funny beast, but today I managed to create this lovely precious little piece of knitting below:

(apols for the picture – it was taken on my phone as can’t find anything since I moved – camera included!)

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  • http://suemwebb.blogspot.com Sue

    That looks like a slightly scary piece of equipment to me! But doesn’t it make beautiful neat stitches, I’m sure you’ll be whipping up fantastic lovliness in no time. ♥

  • Terrie Nolan

    Ooo lucky you! I would love a knitting machine. I also love knitting but find it really hard to get my head around. Like you said, crochet just makes sense!