Happy New Year!

Craft | Sunday January 1 2012 | 6:23 pm | Comments (4) | Tags: , |

Well here’s 2012!! Who’d have thought this time last year that the new one would come round so quickly!

I’ve started off my new year with some crochet watching old films on TV. Rather a cosy and relaxing day. Perfect!

Here’s a little glimpse of today’s project:

Today’s other job today is directing some technical wizardry so that next time you visit things will be a bit different around here. I’m rather excited by it all!! It might even all happen by tomorrow but if not I’ll look forward to hearing what you think when I finally hit the big red button!!

In the meantime I’ll get back to cracking the whip with my live-in IT expert!!

I hope 2012 brings you lots of wonderful things and good health to enjoy them xx

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  • http://suemwebb.blogspot.com/ Sue

    That looks a very pretty project, looking forward to seeing the finished article!
    Happy New Year to you ♥

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Thanks Sue, Happy New Year to you too! Just written full post with details. X

  • Heather

    I have missed your blog, so happy you are giving your blog a focus. I’m back to blogging again. My focus will be crochet and a little bit of knitting sometimes.

    • http://frou-frou.co.uk/ frou-frou

      Hi Heather long time no see!! (not helped by my absence!!) Glad youre back to blogging, look forward to seeing what youre up to xx