What a week!

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I’ve had a heck of a week, and one that I certainly don’t ever want to live through again.  As a result Happy Stats are cancelled this week as I’m finding it very hard to celebrate anything.

I was told at work last Thursday that I am to be made redundant after over 11 years working in the same place.  I will be here until just before Christmas and there is a chance during that time something else will come up and I could be redeployed, but I have to admit I am already be finding it very hard to stay motivated and positive.  It wasn’t completely unexpected, but I certainly wasn’t ready for it right now and had hoped that other options would have been discussed and considered before it came to this.

I’ve heard and thought ‘oh, it could be an opportunity’ and ‘what about doing more craft based work’ and yes either or both are a possibility.  But for now I need to think a lot, wallow a bit, get used to the idea, get angry, get upset and then eventually start working out what I’m going to do.

On top of that, the very next day actually, someone very close to me had some tough news health wise and it did give me a bit of perspective.  However, it’s horrible when everyone is so upset and worried and all I want to do is be there and help.

I have managed to get some respite in crochet over the weekend and been back working on the granny stripe blanket but I’ve been so tired its not really given me any pleasure.  I am hoping that once I’ve caught up on sleep and got over initial shock and upset that things will start to feel a bit more normal.  Not least because I have present making to get done this week.

Normal frou-frou should be resumed soon but in the meantime, I intend to pootle about a bit, moan a bit and have a good boo from time to time.  But don’t worry, there will still be crochet!  There will always be crochet!


Happy Stats

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Oh dear, late again!  But I’ve got a good excuse, honest guv!!!  Got back from my hols yesterday to find I have en extremely on again / off again broadband service.  Thankfully it’s having an ‘on’ moment!

I lots of happy stats from the past week, aren’t I lucky!!

I had an amazing week in Scotland visiting my folks. 

I was able to spend their birthdays with my 2 nephews birthdays which made my break extra special.  James turned 4 and Luke turned 3.  And, yes, there was birthday cake!

Getting home after my week away.  Much as I love getting away and seeing my family, there is no place like home and , more importantly, my own bed.

Surviving my first day back at work.

Finally getting round to starting the cushions I wanted to make with the yarn I bought from my Hobbycraft winnings:

Working out (in my head at least) how I can finish the aforementioned cushions so that I the covers are removable.

Spending time with Caveman in Glasgow and laughing at him (in a nice way) getting all sentimental and feeling old because of how much it’s changed since his student days there, 20 years ago!  Here’s a picture I took of the University:



Happy Stats

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Just a quick and late happy stats this week!  I’m away from home at mo and haven’t got all I need to get any pics in this post either – so all words I’m afraid!!  Oh so many negatives to start.  But here’s the happy bits:

Driving along in the car with my sister and my nephew and niece singing Hannah Montanasongs.  Not my music of choice but the kids love it and there’s so cute singing together!

A great time at the British Yarn Knit Camp.  I was only there for the marketplace on the Saturday but it was brilliant.  Spoke to lots of lovely people, saw lots of beeeeeeeeeautiful and colourful yarns and spent all the cash I took with me [blush] on yummy things.  Will do a full post on it when I can get the pics sorted.

Visiting Stirling after many years away.  It’s one place I have lived when I had a real sense of the place and its importance in Scottish history.  If I ever move back to Scotland that will probably be where I will live.  I only lived there for a short time many years ago but it has always stayed with me as somewhere special.

Spending time with my family and doing the tourist thing in Glasgow!  Nuff said!


Happy Stats

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 This week I’ve been enjoying:

Finally ‘getting’ broomstick crochet, thanks to the youtube film on Naztazia.  Will give it a proper go this week and share the results.

A little tweak on this site.  Can you spot the difference?

An incredible woman being incredibly strong!  Lots of love to you xx

iCrochet!  Brilliant!!!

Time off work and a week with my family getting closer and closer!

Have a good week xx


Happy Stats

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It’s been a tough old week round here for a few reasons but I have decided I will still find a few good things to share.  Here goes:

  • I bought myself some sunny sunflowers… just because!





  • A fantastic BBC programme called Five Days that Changed Britain which covered the five days (the title gives it away doesn’t it) following the 2010 General Election during which the coalition government was established.  A time in history that I have loved living through!


  • The council finally painting double yellow lines on a busy and dangerous junction on my street where people park in stupid and inconsiderate places.


  • Reaching just about the half way mark on my granny stripe blanket:


Happy Stats

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This week I have been feeling skippity because of:

Meeting my brother Mike, Kelly, Luke and Erin for dinner when they were on their hols

Giving Lisa a crochet lesson

Passing 4,000 hits on this site in the same week that I had more hits on one single day than ever before.

A couple of reminders of my love of typography, from Anka and the BBC.  However, I have to say, the BBC article has the title ‘Do typefaces really matter?’ got my pip a little!  It was perhaps meant to be a rhetorical question, but I felt it makes it rather dismissive of the subject!

Two parcels: one rather hefty and one teensy tiny but both filled with gold:

A massive bundle of Granny Striple Blanket Yarn from Masons (who I can’t recommend highly enough: great value and loads of colours and flat delivery charge of £2 and arrived 36 hours after I placed order.  Brilliant!!)



and lots of yummy scrummy good enough to eat [joke] buttons from Paper & String:


Wishing y’all a happy week ahead xx

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