A snapshot of my year

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I have never intended this site to be about much other than crafting and tea, but I did soemthing yesterday on another site that I really wanted to record here, just for a giggle.

Facebook (yes, I do!) has a facility which makes a collage of your year based on your status updates, and I thought mine just really captured a bit of ‘me’.  Here’s a little glimpse into that other world…

my 2009


Buttons from Duttons: I haven&…

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Buttons from Duttons: I haven’t gone into this in much detail on here before, but I’ve got a bit of.. http://bit.ly/3lXX92


A pink magpie?

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Spent the day with my friend Magpie developing her blog.  Had lots of fun and the result is very pink!  She’s had her site for about 4 hours and already has more posts than I have done in 4 months.  Its not a competition but I really must be more active on here.


My crafty blog

Blogging | Tuesday March 31 2009 | 11:33 pm | Comments (2) | Tags: |

Well, its true.  I’ve finally been and gone and done it and gotten myself a blog.

I plan to blog about my craft projects, ideas and even disasters, as well as any interesting crafty things I’ve seen. 

Phew, that’s enough blogging for starters – don’t want to overdo it!

More soon, 

frou-frou x

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