Snail Mail – Update

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Following my last post, I am pleased to report that the mystery of the missing pincushions is becoming clearer.

Last night I emailed Anka, from Happy hang around, who I have made the donut pincushion for to let her know that I am her swap partner and that I was concerned that it hasn’t arrived.  You may have spotted Anka before as she commented on my pincushion make post!  I really didn’t want to have to reveal that the donut was for her until she received it, but given the passage of time I wanted her to know its on its way!

Anka was delighted to know the donut was for her, having already spotted it on flickr and here, and said that Romanian post can take aaaaaaaaaaaaages.  She has promised to let me know as soon as it arrives.

In a strange twist of fate while I was writing my email to Anka I got a comment on the site from Tracylea from Homegrown-insanity who has made a pincushion for lil’ ole me!  Turns out that the postal service has failed somewhere and the parcel aiming for me was returned to Traceylea in Idaho, USA.  That’s going to be one well travelled little pincushion when it arrives.

So it seems mystery solved and we are all at the mercy of our respective postal serivces.  However, despite that, I love the thought of the new connections I now have with people in Bucharest and Idaho, all because of 2 humble pincushions!  You’ve got to love that!


Snail Mail

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It’s now 10 days since I sent off my pincushion for the Foxs Lane pincushion swap and I don’t think it’s arrived.  I haven’t heard from the intended recipient and I am quite sure they would have blogged about it or dropped me a line on receipt.  I do hope its not fallen into a postal black hole somewhere.

The question is, do I contact them about it, given that it’s meant to be a secret swap?   I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I equally don’t want them sitting waiting thinking they’ve been forgotten about.

Then there’s the complication of the volcanic ash that’s been floating around northern Europe in the past week.  I think my parcel should have got through airspace prior to this, but you never know…

I think I’ll leave it a few days for now and hope that its still in transit.  The Royal Mail website said 2-3 days to for the country in question, so it is quite a delay!

I haven’t received my pincushion from the swap yet either so maybe its delayed because of the airline situation too.  I am beside myself with anticipation.  Well, if such a thing were really possible I’m sure I would be!


Time of the month!

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No, not THAT time of the month… THIS time of the month:


Shhhh, don’t tell him

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I’m not the only one who was mad scrupulous enough to do all the research before spending an age and a fortune knitting infamous Tom Baker Dr Who scarf

Tara Wheeler has set up a whole website dedicated to her Dr Who projects. Check out wittylittleknitter.

The question is… do I show Tara’s site to Caveman, who will no doubt expect me to make him all the scarves from every Tom Baker season that she has patterns for!


All Wrapped Up

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I am delighted to report that my contribution to the Fox’s Lane pincushion swap is complete, wrapped up and going in the post tomorrow!

The big question is… who will the recipient be???

P.S. I’ll post pics of the contents when I know parcel has been received


Puncushion Swap: The Make

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Since last weeks craft fair is done and dusted – onto the next thing…  my contribution to the pincushion swap organised by Fox’s Lane!

I’ve racked my brain and rummaged around the Internet.  I’ve ransacked my stash and I’ve routed out the ideas.  I was torn between sewing or crocheting my pincushion and I even considered a make that included both. 

But in the end I settled for crochet to make a rather simple but, in my opinion, cute little pincushion.  What swung it for me is what the recipient does for a living as it is appropriate linked to that.  I’m not going to say any more that may give away who she is but when she receives it I hope that a) she knows what it is and b) she sees why I chose it for her.

The raw ingredients:

So what is it going to be…. a donut, that’s what.  I found the pattern on Ravelry and really enjoyed making it.  I was torn between making a donut or a slice of cherry pie and given that Caveman and I have been watching Twin Peaks (again) recently it was a hard decision to make.  I just had to remember that it wasn’t for me!

I used yarns from my stash so I can’t be sure what they are for definite but I think the cream shade is Patons Smoothie.

I took lots of pics as I went along so here are the stages of the recipe:

Hmmmmm donuts! 

Don’t you love the shiny pins as sprinkles.  I need to buy some more pins to send in the pincushion as these few are from my own pincushion for artistic purposes only at present, but it wouldn’t be complete without them!  I do hope the recipient likes it when the parcel pops through her letterbox along with a postcard of Manchester and a couple of other little treats to make her smile!


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