Counting them out

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The next stages of the Crochet Club patterns involve adding beads to crochet stitches.  I’ve never done this before and I’m quite enjoying it and I love the finished look.

However, I really hate counting out the beads, in the same was I hate counting foundation chains! Grrrrrrrrrr!

I had to find a way to reduce the risk of errors so I came up with the solution in the picture above.  I counted the beads in 10s into an ice cube tray before threading them onto the yarn and BINGO, it all worked out just fine!  Highly recommended if you’re doing similar, and a pink flower shaped ice cube tray makes it a much more pleasant experience too!


Before, during and after

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I hate getting things wrong.  I hate having to redo things.  But sometimes, there’s just no alternative.

After recently posting an update of the crochet club, the wonky shape of the piece above kept popping into my head and I knew I would have to rework the rows which looked too tight and pulled in on the top.

Easy I thought, I’ll undo the top few rows and crochet them again, maybe using a slightly larger hook.

However, I got myself into a real ‘fankle‘ (sometimes only a Scottish word will do!) and had no idea why I couldn’t undo the rows easily.


I’ve since worked it out because during the original make up the piece was crocheted on both the top and bottom edges, so the edge I was trying to rip back was really the bottom, not the top with would have undone easily! 

After a bit of frustration and a bit of ‘that’ll teach me’ I started all over again!  I am so glad I did.  This piece is now the right shape and size and looks brilliant!

Sometimes it takes a little pain to get to the gain!!!


Catching Up

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So there I was getting in a routine of writing here a couple of time a week, then I lost the habit and it’s been a week and half!  Where does the time go? 

Anyway, I’ve had a bit of good news this week and I have a job!  It’s only for a couple of months starting mid April but it’s given me a real boost when my confidence work-wise has been quite low because of everything that’s happened in the past few months.  I’m really quite excited about starting work again, doing something a bit different and knowing that if it’s not quite right for me it’s only for a limited time.

And then there’s been my favourite ever bit of crochet!  That’s a big claim I know!!!  In the last 24hours I have completed another element of the crochet club and not only has it been my favourite of the project so far, it is probably the one I’ve enjoyed most ever!  I just love the stitches, colours and overall look of it.  I am easily pleased aren’t I!!

Want a look (the eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted it at the top of the page!!!):


I am now really far behind in the crochet club.  The patterns for March have just been received and I’m just finishing the first month, from January.  I don’t know why i haven’t been getting on with it because when I have been working on it I have really enjoyed it.  No excuses really! Maybe it’s just laziness as I’ve been carrying on with the granny stripe blanket which really doesn’t require much thought.

The best thing about this element of the crochet club – it requries two!!!


Stitching on

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Since I have recently started embroidery, I wanted to find a project that would give me lots of practice on the main stitches.  I chose a tablecloth that has a floral pattern repeated around it, that uses mainly satin stitch, french knots and lots and lots of stem stitch.  So far I am particularly bad at the stem stitch so practicing that will be useful.  In some places I am also going to replace the stem stitch with split chain stitch or backstitch.  I think the overall look won’t be affected and it will make it ‘my own’ a bit too.

I have also seen a few really nice sampler patterns around.  Not the very traditional ‘home sweet home’ type, much more modern than that.  There’s a great and quite simple one by Sublime Stitching that I think I will get started on very soon.

I also received a fabulous parcel of purchases from Sublime Stitching!  More next time!!!


Crochet Club Progress

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I posted a while ago now that I was taking part in the Jane Crowfoot’s Crochet Club for 2011 and I have been working on the pieces for this project.  I am a bit behind as I am still working on the January patterns and the February ones came out a couple of weeks ago, but I am sure I can get caught up pretty quickly.

Want to see what I’ve done so far?

These squares (there are 4 all together) are the corners and in the next stage of the patterns they are expanded to add more rows and beads!

I really like this next piece – the shape is really nice and it was really easy to make.  I am really curious to see how a shape like this can fit into the final overall project.

I’ve struggled a bit with the piece below.  As you can see it’s not lying flat and it becomes narrower as it gets to the top.  I may rip back half of it and use a hook 0.5mm up for the upper half.  There was a lot of discussion about this in the Crochet Club forums and I didn’t think it would pull in the way it has, but hey presto, pulling in!!

I’ve not blocked anything yet and the pieces definitely do need it. 

As the overall project won’t be seen until the very end when all elements are completed and joined together they all seem a bit of a random mix, although the colours all blend in a lovely way.  At first I wasn’t too keen on the deep purpley shade, it seems a but dull and dusky to me, but it is growing on me now that I see it combined with the others.  It is the main shade in the whole project and there is much more of it that any other shade, so I do need to get used to it.

The yarn is mostly Rowan Cotton Glace which I haven’t used before and I am really liking it.  The only problem I have is that for this project it’s worked on quite a small hook, considering its a dk yarn, and I am finding it a little tricksy with the smaller size.

The patterns for the next stage are much more decorative with bobbles and beads!!!  I really need to catch up before the next patterns are out in mid March!


Sharing: My Oldest project

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I’ve been starting to put all my free time to good use and I have been clearing out my cupboards.  I’m a terrible hoarder and always manage to imagine a future use for what might otherwise be useless.  It is therefore kept unused for far too long.

This week it’s my clothes getting the clear out treatment.  I’ve arranged everything into piles including: charity shop, give to friends / family, keep or use the fabric for something in the future.  I’m not keeping anything in the hope that I’ll fit into it again / wear it again one day / have an event or occasion for which it might be suitable.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well, I opened the drawer which held all my woollies and found the first garment I ever knitted!  And the second as well actually, but the first is a real shocker.  I just had to share.  I think it’s about 6 years ago that I started knitting properly.

Why, oh, why did I think this Sirdar Foxy yarn was a good idea.  From memory the colour was called squirrel!!!

The front is knitted solely in foxy, and the back is plain in a standard dk yarn, in matching colour.  I quite like the back, I like knitted rib.

And just in case you can’t feel that acrylic furriness from a distance, here’s a close up of it:

Would it surprise you to know I never wore it?

So here’s an idea… why don’t you dig out your first or oldest knitted or crochet project, blog about it, then come back here and share the link!  Don’t forget to include a link to this post in yours so that everyone can see everyone else’s projects.  Don’t be shy – my project is not at all cool but I’ve shared.  You can do it too!!  I can’t wait to see what’s in the back of your cupboard!!

I like the idea of this sharingy thing and since it’s 1st March today I may do one on the first of every month!  I’ll keep you posted.

— x —

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