The making of an amigurumi

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More cute stuff!!!  I can’t resist it!

Source: Betibettin via Craftzine


An ‘interesting’ image

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I’ve discovered something very interesting in the past few days!!!

I started getting a LOT of favourites and comments on one of my images on Flickr, an unusually large amount for me.  Then these messages started saying ‘well done for being in Explore!’  So I explored myself to find out what this was all about!! 

I learned that Flickr select 500 images every day which they promote because of their ‘interestingness’ which they identify using a very secret algorithm.  They publish these under a category called ‘Explore’ and this is very popular with people to browse a wide selection of images.

The lovely image you see here got to number 57 in the interestingness ranks on Flickr last weekend!  This is something that many aspire for and there are lots of websites giving advice on how to achieve it.  I am very proud of having done this without even trying!  I may be more proud of the blanket than the image itself, but that’s just me!!


Taking Granny on holiday

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This past week Caveman and I spent a few days at the little cottage in Yorkshire that we love so much.  It was wonderful to be back there, partly because it’s a gorgeous place to be and partly because it was a much needed change of scenery.

As Caveman took his new laptop (I feel like a laptop widow right now!) I took some crochet and embroidery.  I thought some easy and relaxing crochet was the way to go and my still growing granny stripe blanket was ideal.  During our stay there were some gloriously bright but slightly chilly days, but it was a great opportunity to take some lovely pictures of the blanket:

The blanket is growing nicely and I am still really enjoying working on it, although it does feel like a labour of love.  I also know that at some point I need to stop making rows and start on the border.  Now that WILL be a mammoth task!

I particularly love the picture below of the blanket all neatly folded and sitting in the sunlight:

While we were away I was troubled terribly by an awful breakout of eczema and hardly slept for a few days.  Despite wishing we could stay longer in Yorkshire I was glad to get back home to see my doctor and I am pleased to report that my skin is feeling much better.  My lack of sleep resulted in a snooze on the settee one afternoon and it was the first time I ever actually used the blanket for its final intended purpose.  I am pleased to report it was luscious!


Yarn Temptation

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Source: ICHC

Think what you could make with all that yarn, if the cat doesn’t get to it first!!!


A New Hobby!

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The last thing I need is something else to spend my time and money on, but I have found something new to love! 

I have wanted to give embroidery a go for ages and finally got round to it.  A while ago I sat down with some embroidery floss, a needle, a bit of old pillowcase and some instructions.  Boy was that an embroidery FAIL!!!  I tried to copy stitches from the book but without any start and end point or any shape to fill in.

Since then I discovered so much about embroidery that makes it much easier to do!!  The floss is split into strands for starters!  And did you know you can get patterns on the fabric, or put them on the fabric, to follow as you stitch?  Yeah!  Well, I didn’t but I do now!

So I got myself a really simple design to follow and got stitching.  I love it!!!  These lovely doggies are my first ever embroidery project:

Those french knots were a bit of a challenge at first, but YouTube helped me through.

This project will require some more work before it reaches its end use!  The original embroidery is finished but I want to use this to cover the top of a box that I am going to use as a project box so I will post again when it’s completed.

With a new hobby comes new stuff of course!!  I have got a few skeins of floss, some needles, a couple of books, oh and a parcel winging its way from the USofA from Sublime Stitching!  I can’t wait!!!


And the winner is…

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…comment number 10! 

Thanks for all the lovely comments left on my circle scarf giveaway.  It closed just one hour ago and I have been really excited to work out the winner.  I used the random number generator at and between the numbers 1 and 14 it generated 10!  There were actually 15 comments but the lovely Adrianne has already made her own so said she wasn’t entering.

Ok I’ve stalled long enough.  Counting from the first post left as number 1, missing Adrianne’s, to the most recent being number 14 the winner is BEV!!!  Many congrats Bev.  I shall email you for your address and get it in the post to you in the next few days.  Bev didn’t leave details if she has a website so can’t give her a plug unfortunately.

Thanks so much for all your comments, I’ve really loved giving everyone the opportunity to have a circle scarf that I love so much.  I might just have to do it again some time!!

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