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The current issue of Inside Crochet magazine has a scarf pattern that I really like the look of.  They call it the ‘Circles Scarf’ and it looks like its made up of lots and lots of individual circles joined together.  In fact its made in strips along the length that are joined in whole rows as you go along, not one by one, thankfully!

The recommended yarn is Noro Silk Garden sock yarn but I think it’s not ideal as it’s not cheap (unless making a really luxury gift or treat) and its also quite scratchy, as the pattern acknowledges.

On my first visit to Purl City Yarns this week I saw King Cole Riot for the first time which I really liked the look of.  It’s great value (at £3.95 a ball) compared to the Noro  and has a similar look but much softer.  It wasn’t available in quite the same shades, but the one I chose will suit this project quite well as it has many shades throughout it, dusky versions of primary colours.

The Riot is a double knit yarn, so I am using a 3.5mm crochet hook, just to make it a little more delicate than the 4.00mm would.

I am very naughty and never make tension squares!  I know many of you will be rolling your eyes now!  I have a very even and standard tension and rarely have a problem with tension.  Also I don’t always make things where the tension is critical.  I can normally read pattern and get an idea of what is involved and how to approach it in my head.  However, the start of this pattern just did not register with me – I could not make any sense of it so all I could do was start the tension square instructions and follow each step quite literally to see it it became clearer!  Thankfully it did!!


It was actually really straightforward, once I got going.  I did mess up the middle of one of the circles (look at center of one closest to hook in first picture above) but it will be fine when I do it for real.

I think this will be an easy pattern to follow now and I’m looking forward to churning out rows and rows of those circles in the days ahead!


Shop local

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It only opened on Tuesday this week, but my friend and I have been to Purl City Yarnsalready!  Ok I’ll be honest – we went the day it opened!  We just happened to be free after work that day, I’m sure you understand!!

I didn’t go TOO mad with my purchases and I do have plans for all of them:

Austermann Step (bottom left): fingerless gloves for presents – this yarn contains aloe vera and jojoba – yum!

King Cole Riot (the two balls with yellow in them) – more presents – the Circles scarf from current Inside Crochet magazine.

Austermann Grande (the 3 balls in pinks / purples) – I love smooth glossy yarn like this for bracelets and necklaces and these are popular at craft fairs.

Araucania (pink / grey) – this is to make a cosy hat just for me!

I can’t wait to get cracking on new projects but my list of ‘to do’s’ is growing and unfortunately hours in the day do not increase!  Ah well!


When knitting turns bad!

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I was browsing the blogs of some of the others taking part in Blogtoberfest and found this film that Jan from Pass the Slipped Stitch Overhad shared.  WOW!  I was captivated from the first note of the music and once the film got underway I couldn’t take my eyes off it and was completely drawn in – wondering how it was going to turn out for our vulnerable looking  compulsive knitter! 

Watch and enjoy and then let me know if you found it as compelling as I did!

The film is by Laura Neuvonen and can be found on YouTube.



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I was reading a month or two ago on Ravelry about someone who put a lot of time and love into crocheting a baby blanket for a close friends only to have the gift dismissed and cast aside when she gave it to her friend on the baby’s arrival.  Of course there was lots of sympathy on Ravelry as we all put so much into the gifts we make.  I have never experienced that sort of reaction but I would be very upset if I did.

Some commenters were saying that maybe the recipient didn’t know the blanket was hand made for her, or maybe she was worried about caring for a handmade item, particularly given how messy babies can be!  Both completely possible scenarios.

One of the commenters gave a link to an item she had bought on Etsy from Knit, in the form of little tags to put on crafted / gifted items with details of the composition and laundry instructions.  It is a tin of little gift tags that say ‘A hand-crocheted gift’ – there’s no mistaking that is there!!! 

They are so cute and such a brilliant and simple idea, very well executed.  When I gift a handmade item I usually give the recipient a band from the ball of yarn, but that’s not very pretty.

I bought one tin of these and had intended to give some of them to my crocheting friend whose birthday approaches (yes chick, you know who you are!) but I am not sure I can part with any of them!  Maybe I’ll need to buy some more for her.  Knit is currently away from Etsy having a baby herself but due back very soon, so have a look!


If it rained yarn…

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Source: YouTube

OK, so its a TV advert for cat food, but its just so cute.  Knowing how many yarnie bloggers have and / or love cats it seems very fitting to share it here!

I first saw this on Craftzine, and the cat food is PurinaOne.  (It looks like this may not be shown in the UK as its not on Purina UK website)


A bed for Pillows

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Oh what a busy day!  Visiting family, lunch with my sister in law and her mum and dad, baby sitting, travelling to my sisters, taking the kids out for tea and then crocheting a bed for Pillows!

Yes, you may well ask!! Pillows?  My nephew has a new favourite bedtime toy.  His older sister had it as a baby and she has now given him it as she is too old for it, seeing as she’s a schoolgirl now!!!  When asked what it was called he declared ‘Pillows’!  Who are we to question such decidedness!

But poor Pillows looked cold and it is likely that he’ll spend many a night cast out of a cosy bed to sleep on the floor:

One hour later and Pillows has a crocheted snuggly sleeping bag bed with a hood to keep his ears warm and a happy nephew knowing Pillows won’t get hypothermia in the night!  (Oh yes, and one mad aunty who may never learn that toys don’t feel the cold!)

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