You’ve been Tangoed

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I love colour! All colour, any colour, all colours at the same time! Except maybe navy blue, I’m not so keen on navy blue.

It was with great excitement that I saw what this years ‘Colour of the Year’ is to be! Tangerine Tango!  Each year Pantone study style and colour directions and select a colour which they feel sums up the trend for the year ahead.

So what do you think? I absolutely love it!  It’s bright, vibrant and warm.  It will definitely brighten any gloomy day and be gorgeous in the summer too.  If I was working with this in a yarn or fabric I wouldn’t get bored of the colour that’s for sure.

I first came across this on the Lion Brand Yarn Facebook page where lots of comments were really negative and saying they didn’t like it at all and wouldn’t wear it.  I don’t think the colour of year is just about clothing, its about home accessories, cars (tho I don’t think I’d buy a car that colour), advertising, cosmetics and all sorts of things.

Well, if you ask me then the future’s bright, the future’s orange!  Sorry, corny I know!!

Please note the image in this post was created using html colour coding and is intended only to indicate the general colour tone of Pantone Tangerine Tango, not to fully replicate it.


That darn cat!

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Source: ICHC

I know I post a lot of these cat and yarn pictures, but they give me such a lot of amusement!  I hope they make you smile too :)


I love you more than…

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How’s this for a Valentine’s card for a tea lover to give their Valentine?  I got it ages ago from Storeyshopon Etsy, having seen it on another blog.

Caveman and I aren’t known for being the most romantic couple in the world, but I do love him more than tea!  I’ve wanted to post about this card since I got it but I really had to wait until I’d given it to him!  He also got a massive bag of wine gums.  Like I say… we’re not very romantic!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope yours has been filled with love, or tea!


Fun with friends

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There’s nothing like spending time with friends to make you feel better so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this week!

Have you been to see The King’s Speech?  It’s sooooo good!  It’s really funny which I didn’t expect and it’s also really interesting.  I am fascinated by the period in history between the two world wars too so I really enjoyed that.  Colin Firth was brilliant in the lead role and I can really understand why he is winning awards for it!  Another reason why it was so good to go to the cinema this week… my friend had a free ticket so we shared the cost of the other ticket!  Bargain!

There’s also been a bit of yarn shopping!!  I have been meaning to go to Black Sheep Wools, near Warrington, for ages and Kathy and I had spoken about going before Christmas but it was closed for refurbishment.  It opened again last week so off we went.  Oh, it’s sooooo good!  (yes in this post everything is sooooo good’)  It’s really big for a yarn shop and has a really good range of brands, prices and qualities of yarn.  There are also lots of accessories and loads of embroidery and cross stitch things too.  I didn’t go too mad – well, I’m a girl of limited means now aren’t I!!?  I’ll show you what I bought another time, but here’s a peek in Kathy’s bag, and some pictures of the shop:

And then this afternoon there was cake!  It is my friend Jayne’s birthday today so she invited lots of the girls round and had her 2 teenagers on tea and coffee making duty (I must say they did a sterling job!).  Jayne had made lots of cakes: the victoria sponge was sooooo good and absolutely delicious.  We all had a really good giggle!  In fact after a couple of hours we had decided to set up our own version of the WI and meet fortnightly for carrot growing contests, trips out, reading groups, exhibitions and crafts.  Mad but true!!!

Here’s the cake:

When things aren’t feeling very good for me I can find it too easy to stay indoors and shut myself away.  That was fine when I still had to go to work every day, but now I could go days without having reason to go out.  I’m still not sleeping very well so not 100% but hoping that with a bit of time I’ll start fully enjoying my time not working!  So long as it doesn’t last too long that is!!


The times they are a-changin’

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Today is a big day for me, but not necessarily in a good way.  That will hopefully change but I’m still not ready to feel it!  Today is my first day without a job for 18 years, since the summer I left university in fact.

It’s been coming for many months, but as of 15th January I’ve been redundant.  I only found out the previous day that it was actually going ahead as my appeal had been completely rejected!  It’s not a good feeling and it won’t be for a long time.  It doesn’t feel like any sort of relief now that the actual day itself has passed, particularly when it’s not as cut and dried as me leaving and it all being over.  I have many issues about the way its been done and the fairness of it so I will be taking legal advice and probably taking it further.  I can’t say I want to do that but I’ve spent 5 months fighting for my 13 year career with the same organisation and been lied to, undermined and treated very unfairly and unreasonably.  Yes, most of that is my ‘opinion’ but the organisation has policies which have not been followed and in my view that’s just not fair.

It doesn’t help that today is classed as Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year!  Just what I need!

This website was never meant to be about this type of issue, or anything other than craft, tea and cake, but I just feel I had to ‘vent’! 

I will have more time on a day to day basis to crochet, see friends and try to get on top of things, but I am a great believer in working for a living if you possibly can and this doesn’t sit well with me at all.

Splurge over!  Next post will be back to normal content!


Owls and Pandas

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I thought I’d show you some of the lovely owl things that I was given in the past few weeks for my birthday and for Christmas.

I’m a lucky gal as my friends and family are very good at choosing gifts for me that I love.  And I love owls!  Just look at all these lovely, snuggly, gorgeous owls:


There’s a hot water bottle in an owl cover, lavender filled owls and a bright blue owl purse, as well as the cutest owl cards.

I especially love the hot water bottle.  I’m a massive fan of hot water bottles and take one to bed on all but the hottest nights of the year.  I know that might sound mad, but I love to be cosy in my bed.

Now, while I’m on the subject of animals, there’s another that I have a fascination with.  I can’t in truth say its a love fascination, more like a strange curiosity!  Am I the only one in the world that finds pandas a bit weird?  Caveman gave me this hugging panda salt and pepper set:

They have such strange block markings and they bumble around eating bamboo shoots while looking really quite sad! 

If it ever came to light that pandas aren’t actually real I wouldn’t be at all surprised.  You heard it here first!

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