How much tea is too much tea?

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Teeny Tiny Teacups

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‘They couldn’t be more YOU if they tried’ said Caveman as I found these earrings in Accessorize!  They just had to be mine!

teeny tiny teacup earrings on table

teeny tiny teacup earrings hanging


Coming up roses… and violets

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Rose and violet drops

I LOVE sweeties.  And my favourite sweeties in the whole wide world are so luscious, decadent and indulgent that when I have a box of them I only eat one a week to eek them out.

Charbonel et Walker Rose and Violet Creams are the best, but embarrassingly expensive.  Every now and then I am given some as a present and I have to admit that once I even bought myself a box, which is the absolute height of indulgence.   They do, strangely, taste of flowers.  Not that I’ve ever eaten flowers, but how they would taste from the smell.

Imagine then my delight when I was given this jar of Carluccio’s Italian Rose and Violet Drops for Christmas.  All the flavour and taste of my favourite chocolates in a jar containing 100’s of them.  Why did I not know of these before now?  I get the flowery, sweet taste again and again and again without the guilt of them costing about £1.00 per bite!  And I don’t mind that there’s no chocolate on them!

So this evening I’ve got my PJ’s and fluffy socks on, I’m crocheting and I’m eating rose and violet drops.  I would offer you one but they’re mine, all mine!


i can has tea?

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Another great lolcat to share with you.  This time tea related and with my very favoruite type of cat in it… so cute!

i can has tea

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Better late than never for Betty and Cath

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I’m embarrassed to say this post should have been written about a month ago!  But its been nonstop round here; craft fair, Christmas shopping, weekend in London and busy busy in the day job and I’m now stuck at home with a cold! 

So I thought what better time to write about the goodies I got in Yorkshire (all those weeks ago) while I’m sitting under a blanket with a cuppa.

I have two sets of loveliness to report.  I think I’ll start with tea.  I had been really excited about visiting Harrogate, not least because it is the home of Betty’s Cafe Tea Rooms!  Purely by coincidence (honest) we ended up parking just near Betty’s so headed there first.  As expected there was a long queue and everyone was saying there was up to a 45 minute wait.  It’s no secret that I love tea, but balanced with my hatred of queueing, I was not going to wait. We decided to have a look around Harrogate and return. 

After a good look around Harrogate, including trips to Duttons for Buttons and Cath Kidston (see below) we returned to find the queue just as long.  There was only one thing for it… pop into the bakery and take some goodies home.  Here are the things I got:

Goodies from Betty's

A lovely lemon cake, tomato and herb loaf, Betty’s Tea Room Blend tea and a cotton Betty’s bag to carry it all in.  Yum!

And then there was the Cath Kidstonshop.  I have never been in one of her dedicated shops before, only the section in Selfridges nearby at the Trafford Centre (which is virtually my local shops!).  I have never particularly thought of myself of a fan of Cath Kidston, but my heart did skip a happy beat when I saw all the colourful and flowery loveliness in the shop.  I just couldn’t resist.  I am ashamed to say I have yet to do anything with the lovely things I bought (back the the aforementioned busyness I guess).

So what did I get, well, a pretty little selection!

Cath Kidston goodies

I got 2 pieces of gorgeous cotton print fabric (I had a really hard job choosing which ones as cotton print fabric is my favourite of favourites, especially little repeat prints), a set of matching tins, a little butterfly brooch and a little green glass salt and pepper pinch pot.

I plan to use the fabrics just for myself.  How selfish is that??!  I think I might crochet some cushion fronts and back them with these fabrics.

I must be getting into the Cath Kidston thing as I have since bought her Sew book too!  Not had the chance to make anything yet, but it comes with the pattern and fabric for the bag on the cover, so that seems like as good a place as any…


A little taste of heaven in Yorkshire

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Oooooooh I’ve got so much to write about, but its going to take some time.  Caveman and I are just back from a fabulous, relaxing and much needed week away in Yorkshire.  We stayed in a little cottage, near Ripon, called The Old Telephone Exchange and it was so beautiful that the whole week was a joy.  My heart has just gone skippity skip looking at the website again to add the link here.

Prior to our week away we said we didn’t mind what the weather was like as Caveman would take his guitar, I would take my crochet and along with a pile of books we would be snug as bugs.  And that’s just what we did.  Real fire, curtains closed against the wind and rain, tea and cake, a big bag of yarn and crochet hooks and my lovely chap – all the things that make me happy in life.  I’m quite a simple girl really!

We did venture out a few times and I have some lovely purchases to report.  But in the meantime here are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite and to make me wish we could have stayed forever.

Crochet stuff

tea, cake and fire

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