Can you tell what it is yet?

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I’ll forgive you if you have to look at this a few times and screw your eyes up a bit to work out what it is!

I’ve always looked longingly at amigurumi wishing I could make something so small, cute and neat and with my new-found crochet skills I felt the time was right. 

Although the little ‘creatures’ are sweet, something else caught my attention at Lion Brand.  You’ve probably noticed by now I love tea in many forms and tea with craft is a great combination.

amigurumi tea cupSo here is my attempt! OK, so I’m not saying it’s my finest work, but it’s a start and I thought it only right that I share it. 

I decided to enhance the original pattern with a saucer and ‘T’ on the tea bag tag just in case it isn’t clear what it’s meant to be.  I followed the pattern for the handle exactly but it is proportionally very chunky, so I’d try for a more delicate version next time.

Funniest of all though I am going to give this to a fellow tea and craft loving friend.  If she’s reading this she’ll know who she is.  Lucky girl…. maybe!!  My only concern is that she may choke on a custard cream laughing at it!

(It’s a little crochet tea cup and saucer with dangly teabag in case you’re still wondering!)


Some knitting with your tea?

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Tea hutsCaveman and I spent a jolly afternoon at Willowpool recently.  It is technically a garden and antique centre but I feel that description is way short of reality. 

It is a sprawling mixture of all sorts curios spread around rambling grounds with everything from old bikes and typewriters to fairground rides and crumbling angel statues.  All of which you can buy and take home for your garden.  There are also plant of course, and old doors, plant pots, archways, pillars, benches…. I could go on!

But this pales into insignificance compared to one thing: The Tea Rooms.   And with the tea there was knitting, yes really!!  I’ll get to that in a minute.

  Enormous pudding



The tea room is mainly outdoors in little huts and gazebos.  We were lucky enough to get one of the huts which was really cosy and had funny little tree trunk type seats!

As we were deciding what to choose from the menu there were all manner of huge plates and bowls of food passing by.  I expected these were to share and didn’t for a minute think one of these would be put in front of me. 

I ordered Willowpool Dream Delight – cream, strawberries, creme Anglaise and crushed meringue.  Wow it was massive!  I like my grub but there was no way I could have managed to eat all of it and even Caveman couldn’t finish it after his own cake.

They also used the most charming mismatched china with lovely teapots and tea cups.  I feel inspired to start a new collection!

Now, I’m sure you’ll be wondering where knitting comes into all this.  Well, I’d been sitting at the table for about 5 minutes before I even noticed the cute little knitted sugar bowl cover!!!  So it was only a little bit of knitting amongst all the intrigue at Willowpool, but even the tiniest piece of knitting is still knitting!


Knitting AND teaKnitted sugar bowl cover


Just a thought…

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How long is it since you saw teabags that are square and still stuck together when you open the box?  I always wondered what they did with the corners when they cut the circles out for round ones!!  These Yorkshire tea bags are a lovely and nostalgic touch of common sense!


square tea bags


Sweet tooth?

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As if I hadn’t had enough yummy tea and cake this week we decided to go to the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery in Chorlton this afternoon.  Wow, what a selection of cupcakes!!  Most of the cakes have celeby names,  including Dita Von Teese, Kylie and Quentin Crisp.  The shop has a cute and quirky 1950’s interior including Formica tables!

As the shop was quite busy we chose a few cakes to take home, in a box tied up with ribbon, where Caveman produced the most beautiful tea set and we had tea in the garden!!!   We had (clockwise from top left below) a Kylie, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Mint Royale and a Barbara Windsor, which was my personal favourite as I just love lemon.




The cake was light and fluffy and tasty with rich, sweet icing.  Kylie and Priscilla had raspberries through the sponge which was really yummy! 

And just 10 minutes later it was almost like they’d never been there…

Empty plates


And is there honey still for tea?

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I’ve been to the most beautiful tea shop imaginable this week.  Caveman and I spent a few days in Cambridgeshire and I was desperate to go to the Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester.  As a fan of Rupert Brooke and tea it was a joy!  Beautiful location, fascinating history, yummy cream tea, swarms of wasps… oh yes wait, that ain’t so good but the wasps are another story entirely! 


The Orchard also has the Rupert Brooke Museum with lots of mementos, cuttings and pictures of him and those around him, particularly from his time in Grantchester.  Although small, there is lots of information there, including his death in Greece.

And then there was the tea!  I have to admit I was rather influenced by the romance and history of the place so they could have served me tepid, dirty water and a rock and I would have been happy.  Despite that I can honestly say the cream tea was delicious.  Massive homemade scones, a big pot of tea, real butter and strawberry jam.  Ok, so I didn’t have honey but that’s a minor detail.  Until I have the chance to return, I shall dream happy dreams about Grantchester; unforgettable, unforgotten.


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