Blogtoberfest: A Reflection

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Five weeks ago I had never heard of Blogtoberfest, not did I have any inclination that such a thing existed.  I’ve been merrily blogging away for just over a year and had got involved in a few craft blog community things, though not as many as I probably could or should have.

At the end of September I was one blog post away from my 100th!  I wasn’t sure how to mark it. Then I read that Anka at Happy Hang Aroundwas taking part in Blogtoberfest, hosted by Tinniegirl with the help of Curlypops.  A commitment to post every day for the month of October.  It seemed the perfect thing for me to mark my century and to fall in love with my site again, having been struggling to keep motivation going over the past few difficult months.

So there I was on 1st October, 31 posts ahead of me and a bit of apprehension (ok, quite a lot actually!).  And here I am now, over 31 posts later very proud of myself.  Not just for having completed it, but for keeping it going into November too, aided I have to admit by the fact I am on holiday!

I am particularly proud that there aren’t many ‘fillers’ in there.  I like to properly write in each of my posts and share things with an explanation of what something is, how it came about, how I feel etc.   I am always reluctant to post just a picture of something I like or that I’ve found without saying what, how, why etc.  I know I’m too wordy to let things speak for themselves!

I feel I’ve got back on track with frou-frou, got excited about it again and clarified to myself what I want it to be.  At times in October I found I was writing a bit more about me personally than I ever intended to, and that is still a little strange for me and I’m not sure about how I feel about that or how interesting it is for you to read.  What it has done, however, is enabled me to write routinely about the little crafty things I do most days instead of saying to myself  ‘I’ll wait until there’s more to see’, which is just a bit lazy really.  This was really reinforced when Gillian left a lovely comment every time I posted about the circles scarf, following its progress.

Blogtoberfest also introduced me to many new blogs, many of which I will keep up to date with.  270 took part and as yet I have not worked my way through all of them, but I will eventually!

So what now? More of the same I guess.  I would love to say I’ll keep up daily posting, but I know it probably won’t happen.  Next week I’m back at work and have to really face up to the reality that I will probably be redundant by mid December (more blogging time?) and the stresses that will bring, or is already bringing.

For now I am going to wave goodbye to Blogtoberfest, but embrace what it has taught me and look forward to a happy bloggy future! 

Hopefully see you tomorrow!

Oooooo, Betty!

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Wet and windy here in Yorkshire today so we decided it was best not to venture too far into the great outdoors.  Instead we headed to Harrogate which is only about 20 minutes away.

Harrogate is veeeeeerrrrrry famous for Betty’s Tearooms which are also veeeeeerrrrrry popular.  Last year when we were in this area we didn’t even manage to go there as the queue outside was really long and we were told it would take about an hour to get in.  This year I had decided it was best to not even expect to go because I’m not very patient in a queue and didn’t want to have the stress of it, no matter how nice the tea may be.

Imagine then our delight as we approached and there was no queue!  Oh joy!!!  We went straight in and waited only two minutes for a table to be cleared for us!  Then decisions, decisions!  I wanted a coffee as it was mid morning and that would be my preference at that time!  But I was in Betty’s!   How could I have anything other than tea, and breakfast tea at that!

I chose a toasted teacake and Caveman had pancakes with mushrooms.  No pictures I’m afraid – too busy eating!  It was really lovely.  Betty’s has an old fashioned feel with waitresses in frilly blouses, polite service, cake trolleys, silver teapots, leaf tea and an overall feeling of calm, quiet and subtelty.  I did like it very much – it makes a change from the normal coffee shops where it’s all about speed and providing the basics.  Oh don’t I sound so old fashioend saying that?  I guess when it comes to tea I am!

When we were leaving there was a queue so seems we timed it just right.  Must remember that for next time!

Harrogate is great for shopping so we had a good mooch around the town and did a bit of shopping before heading home, lighting the fire and settling in for a cosy evening!  It’s now really quite wild outside so I am glad I got this picture of the sheep earlier today between rain showers.  I think this is my favourite sheep shot so far, as I love the rainbow and the deep, heavy grey of the sky.

Happy Stats

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Oh things this week are happy, so happy stats ahoy!!  In fact these happy things are from today alone!

Being away from home and work!

The circles scarf being complete.  I couldn’t wait to wear it, even though it does need to be blocked because the circles don’t quite lie flat.  I love these colours:

This view from the table while I ate my breakfast:


This appearing in the sky when I was having breakfast:

A gorgeous drive out to Pateley Bridge, a lovely lunch and a mooch around

Visiting the LYS in Ripon and getting myself just a few balls of yarn.  They have a really wide range of King Colewhich I love for its value and usability.

Sheep for neighbours:

Not quite to plan

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Why do I get sick when I’m on holiday?  I’ve spent much of the last 24 hours lying on the settee or in bed with a hot water bottle and a cup of water as I have a poorly tummy.  Caveman thinks it my body’s reaction to all the stress of the past few months.  He may well be right.  Either way it’s not how I wanted to spend my time here.

Right now however, I do feel a bit better thankfully.  We did pop out earlier to Ripon which is just about 5 miles away.  I had hoped some fresh air would help but it didn’t really at the time.

Despite my incapacity there’s lots of things going on today! 

The main one for me is that today is the final day of Blogtoberfest and I am so proud to say I have blogged every day as intended.  I’m so proud of that.  I am going to write about it properly, hopefully tomorrow.  I’ve also decided that I’m extending my daily blogging at least until the end of my holiday!

It’s also Halloween today!  Are you all dressed up and going out ‘guising‘ (as it’s known in Scotland?  I love fancy dress but I’m not particularly a fan of Halloween.  I’m amazed this year the number of events, coverage on the tv and things you can buy for it.  Oh I do sound old ‘it wasn’t like that in my day!!’

And the other thing that’s happening today in the UK is the end of British Summer Time.  I don’t know if this happens anywhere else in the world, but in the UK we move our clocks forward by one hour in the spring and back one hour in the autumn.  It is quite a controversial subject as many of its origins no longer apply (linked to fuel / lighting use and farming) and it is often suggested that it is ceased, but particularly in the north of Scotland it would have a major impact.  I don’t have a preference for it changing or not, I can’t see it as a major issue for most people, but I guess those it does effect will be quite severely affected.

So that’s me today.  Taking it easy here in Yorkshire while all sorts of other things happen all around. 

Are you looking for today’s sheep picture?  3 sheep looking at me strangely in the early morning mist as I stood there in my pj’s with a camera!

So Happy Halloween, Happy end of Blogtoberfest and Happy end of British Summer Time!

On the fence!

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The good things about coming on holiday to somewhere you’ve been before is that there’s virtually no settling in time.  Within minutes of getting here yesterday it was as if we live hear (I wish!!!) and I already felt relaxed and settled.

I was so tired I went to bed at 10pm, which is really not like me, but I certainly needed it.  Unfortunately though I didn’t sleep very well and got  up in the night an had a prowl around, as I often do at home.  I go through phases of not sleeping well and waking in the night.  Rather than toss and turn I prefer to get up and have a cup of tea, do a bit of crochet and watch some night time tv (the latter leaving a lot to be desired!!!)

So tea and crochet at 4am!  Rather than start anything new I carried on with the circles scarf which I am really enjoying for the pattern, the yarn and the finished effect.  I have now completed 3 full rows and this morning I took advantage of the daylight and beautiful outdoors to take some pictures.

We’ve had a very lazy day today, as was always the plan.  From tomorrow we’ll get out and about and enjoy the area, but staying cosy and comfy at indoors is one of my very favourite pastimes!

And here’s today’s sheep shot!

And relax…

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s better!

Arrived in Yorkshire, car emptied, kettle on and feel like I can breathe properly for the first time in months.

Look whats at the back door of our little cottage…

Nothing at all!

Oh wait, I saw something move…

For the next week we will have only sheep for neighbours.

This place is 2 hours but a million miles away from home!  Perfect!

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