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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, which in itself isn’t unusual for me! But this time I’ve been thinking about this very site and all things related to it. I feel like I’ve lost my way a little recently but I have kind of realised why. It’s taken me some time to realise what I what this site to be and the conclusions I’ve reached are about making it more focussed. I read lots and lots of other craft sites, mainly ones which focus on crochet and some knitting and sewing. However I’m finding more and more of them are becoming ‘lifestyle’ blogs and I’m skipping through posts and pictures of all sorts of other things. It made me realise that I’ve been guilty of doing a little of that posting myself in the past, but I really don’t have a lifestyle that I either want to share or that could be aspired to.

So I’m changing things a little around here. I’m refocussing and redefining what I will do here. And that focus will be my first love… crochet! New name, new design, lots of crochet!! Well, when I say lots, there will more than there has been of late, which hasn’t been a lot!!

I have been rather busy in the past few months moving house and moving in with my chap which is rather lovely. It’s highlighted to me just how much ‘craft’ stuff I have and I am now in the process or organising (but not reducing) it!

I still don’t have myself a proper 9-5 job, but I am taking a new direction and more on that here in the near future.

So right now there is a lot going on behind the scenes, web designing, planning and scheming! Hopefully by the next time I am back here it will be with lots to share and a new name and new look.

Until then, enjoy frou-frou while you can. She’s soon going to retire!!

Zig and Zag

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Hello again! I’ve been a bit bad at blogging again haven’t I!! I look back on last autumn when I took part in Blogtoberfest and managed to blog every day for a whole month and didn’t resort (too much I hope) to writing nonsense. How do I get things back on track? No idea!

I have been busy though and that’s one reason I have come back today. Last week I finished a baby blanket I have been working on and have presented it to its intended recipient and so I can now share the details. Well, when I say ‘intended recipient’ that’s not quite accurate. The baby it’s for isn’t due for another 10 days yet but I won’t see the baby’s mummy for a while as I don’t know when I will be back in Scotland in the next month or two. So when I was there last week I went to see Kerry, my sister in law’s sister in law! Work that one out… my brother’s wife’s brother’s wife!! (is that punctuaton correct – I’m not sure!)

There are loads of rippley blankets around but I wanted something with a bit more of a well defined pattern, so I chose a zig-zag pattern and found one on on Caron which was just what I wanted. I used Sirdar Calico which has a lovely weight and finish and it is really easy to work with – not at all splitty. And the colours it’s available in were perfect! Oh, probably most important for the end user – machine washable. In the end I used approximately 1 and half balls of each shade repeating each colour just twice. One of the things I really love about this pattern is the ribbed texture from crocheting into the back loop at all times. Also there is a little hole at the top of every zig (or zag?) which gives it an interesting finish too.

Want to see more? All of these pictures were taken when the blanket was pinned out for blocking. (more…)

Not a yarn or hook in sight!

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It’s rare that I do anything crafty that doesn’t involve yarn or textiles, but Kathy and I were keen to try Decopatch at Bean and Brush, so after the usual tea and cake (of course!) we headed to their craft room!

Wondering what decopatch is? I think this picture will give you a good idea:

Yup, just as it looks – ripping up gorgeous printed paper into little random shaped pieces then sticking them to an object of your choosing with some glue! And the papers are mighty pretty…

I chose to decorate a box, kind of in the shape of the Taj Mahal, and Kathy sensibly chose a tissue box cover. We set to work and within about 2 minutes were quiet as mice and chilled; sticking and pasting and decorating! It’s so simple and really lovely and calming. Not much thought is required so a little chit chat and catching up along the way and look what we made…

Kathy’s tissue box:

My Taj Mahal box:

Next stop Hobbycraft for supplies!!!

Dressed up in crochet

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I spotted this dress in our local press this week.  A crochet dress in a gorgeous summer shade with even more gorgeous summer flowers.  You don’t see crochet dresses around that much.  Remember Cate’s Blanket dress?   I think this one wipes the floor with it!  (not that you would wipe the floor either using or wearing this dress). 


Source: Fibre & Clay 


It was made by Fibre and Clay which is a fabulous yarn store in Knutsford that I have mentioned many times on here.  They were celebrating the RHS Tatton Flower Show which is on their doorstep, as it had it’s first Ladies Day this year!  The store also had Pimms and cupcakes at their knitting group that day.  Oh how I wish I’d been there!!

(Oh and I didn’t examine too closely but I think there is some nude underwear under there!!)


3 Happy Hookers

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3 Happy Hookers

Today I have had so much fun making a mess in a public place!  It was my first experience of yarn bombing, and a first of my partners in crime: 2 Sarah’s and Kathy! 

I know it’s not good to just cut to the chase, but above you’ll see one of our finished pieces on the back of a bench.  One of the Sarah’s had to leave by the time this was taken but from left to right: moi (yes really! I must have had a good day if I’m happy to show a pic of li’l old me!), Sarah and Kathy. 

The basic plan was to cover a bench or the back of a seat in the Waterside Plaza in Sale, south Manchester.  We had some panels already made by others and a few other bits and pieces.  My contribution was a pretty little piece made to look like a lawn with daisies on it.  

There are loads and loads of pictures from today so I am going to put them all in a set on my flickr page  and there are different ones on Kathy’s flickr too.  I’ll put just a selection in this post.  Do go and have a look, after you’ve read all of this, of course! 

My favourite image from the day


Anyway, there were so many great  moments – here are just a few of them: 


  • Kathy coming over all hot and bothered when the local constabulary came to say hello!
  • The look of horror on Sarah’s face when I had to use a knitting needle to reach the owl out of a tree (I think she thought it would hurt him!!)
  • Spending hours and hours laughing in the sunshine while decorating trees with knitting and crochet!  Who’d have thought it!
  • Trying to join the edges of pieces of knitting or crochet wrapped around a tree – it’s rather difficult I can tell you!!
  • Realising one of the trees had no leaves on it and crocheting some to make it look better.
  • The look on people’s faces when the realise what you are doing.
  • Stopping  for tea and cake and more crochet at Bean and Brush (where Sarah works) and deciding to decorate their tree while we were there.
  • Plotting the next time!!


We did learn a few things too!  Mainly that next time we will do it without being part of another event.  Today there was a community event being set up while we were doing out thing.  We got the impression that everyone thought we were there as part of the event, and thought we would stay to teach people to knit and crochet, which was never our plan on this ocassion.

And one other lesson, we spent a lot of time standing and admiring our handiwork!  That probably isn’t the idea so next time we plant the bomb then get out of there, or at least stand back at a discreet distance and watch!



Tree cosy (and it matches Kathy's cardi)

Public crochet


I whipped up a pocket for leaflets and Sarah gatecrashed an art class to make a label!

The day wouldn't have been compete without tea and cake (and more crochet)

After tea we anonymously passed by, and loved people hanging around our work!

A call to arms!

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There has been a lot of talk of yarn bombing recently.  It keeps popping up when I least expect it, but then I guess that’s part of what it’s all about! 

First my cousin’s shop, The Dress Exchange in Kilmarnock, got yarn bombed in the cutest way by the Pixie Knitter, who leaves pretty knitted gifts around the area in the dead of night!:

(Picture courtesy of The Dress Exchange)

Then a last minute night away in Hebden Bridge brought colourful knitted bunting, cakes and pom pom hats all over the town centre:


Within days of that I ran into local crafty gal Sarah from The Art of Moodling who is planning some yarn bombing, right here in south Manchester on 23rd July!  So get those needles and hooks out and dig out any old yarn that you just haven’t found a use for!  Details are on Sarah’s site, or drop me a line.  I can’t wait to share pics and details from the ‘bomb’ itself!

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