A Grand Day!

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I had such a good day at the Horse and Jockey Arts and Crafts Fair last Saturday.  It wasn’t mad busy, I didn’t make my fortune and I didn’t sell all my things.  However, none of that matterred.  I had lots of fun, met some lovely people, got a feel for what people were interested in so got lots of ideas and I was joined by a few friends at various times throughout the day.

Here are a couple of pictures of version 1 of my display.  After I set up I had the opportunity to move to the ‘pitch’ of someone who cancelled at the last minute so I had more space.  Unfortunately by then Caveman had left with the camera, but it was just a more spread out version of this.

H&J 30jan10 2

H&J 30jan10 1

The Horse and Jockey Fair is a regular event, on the last Saturday of every month.  I am not able to do February but I have booked for March.  I have lots of ideas and plans for new stock, so keep reading over the next couple of months for an idea of what is coming up, and put 27th March in your diary!

Craft fair all packed up and o…

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Craft fair all packed up and off home. Really picked up mid afternoon and had good, fun day.

business very slow but guessin…

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business very slow but guessing may pick up after lunchtime.

my first craft fair of the yea…

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my first craft fair of the year at horse and jockey in chorlton, 10 til 4. Come see!

A day in the pub for frou-frou

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Just a quick note to say that tomorrow I’ll be up bright and early as I got a cancellation place to sell at a local craft fair.

The Horse and Jockeyin Chorlton, South Manchester, started a monthly craft fair a few months ago and after being a customer at Christmas time I’ll now be a seller!!

So if you’re free and need some treats for your valentine, or even better for yourself, come along between 10.00am and 4.00pm!

Why didn’t I think of that?

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I know several people who mark the start of a new year with a new project.  Some learn a new skill, others aim to do something creative ever day, Caveman and others we know are are doing a self portrait photograph each week, for example on Flickr in 52 Weeks

So, what am I doing?  Well, nothing!  Then I found something that made me stop and think ‘I could do that’, kind of!

I’ve heard of Meet Me At Mikes many times but never looked at it.  When I did look at it for the first time yesterday I found A Granny A Day! Genius!

Pip is making a granny square every day of  the year.  Wow, I thought, that’s some commitment.  They are quick to make but one every single day?  One a week would be a bit more realistic for me, so that’s my plan.  Not just an ickle granny square though, I’m going to try to make a 6inch square every week to learn a new pattern or skill. 

I don’t have a grandmother myself, having lost one nearly 6 years ago and one before I was born, but by the end of this year I plan to have 52 of them.

It is now week 4 of 2010 so I have a little bit of catching up to do, but its early enough in the year to get it done, I’m sure.

Look out for weekly posts called ‘Granny No #’ from now until the end of the year and if you think I’m slipping, give me a nudge!

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