It’s official: I MUST knit daily

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A few weeks ago, in the midst of a period of anxiety and depression, I started knitting again (see socks in previous entries)!  Having not done so for a while I found it quite a relief and it was that week I felt I turned a corner in how i was feeling.  I’ve read many times that knitting, and other crafts, are well known to be a relief from mental health problems and maybe it was working for me too.

Since then I have started a series of 6 sessions of counselling and in the first yesterday we spoke about the little things that I like to do that I could achieve on a day to day basis to start working back towards what is ‘normal’ for me, particularly the things which I have not felt up to doing recently.  Of course knitting came up and had to be on the list.  I do find it rather strange to have an action plan / workbook which includes knitting, walking and keeping in touch with friends, but I guess it’s all steps along a path. 

So if my action plan says I should knit daily, then knit I will!

A pink magpie?

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Spent the day with my friend Magpie developing her blog.  Had lots of fun and the result is very pink!  She’s had her site for about 4 hours and already has more posts than I have done in 4 months.  Its not a competition but I really must be more active on here.

One down, one to go!

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Yay I have finished one whole sock! And very proud of it I am too.  Turning the heel was fine and actually much simpler and more logical than you might think, although there was a bit of picking up stitches after the heel which I hate.

It does look rather a funny shape as the foot is very long but then again I do have rather large feet (size 8).

Full detials of yarn, pattern etc can be found over on Ravelry

I did have to wonder to myself last week why I was knitting socks during the hottest week of the year.  Hmm, there wasn’t a sensible answer to that one…

Work is well underway on its twin, which is coming along nicely.

Sock it to ’em

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I’ve always wanted to knit socks so I’ve just started trying again (for the third time!) and this time I’ve managed not to twist it.  I previously tried 4 dpns then the double loop method using a circular needle and I’m managing again on the dpns.   Ok, so I’ve not got very far yet but I think getting started is the hard bit, until I reach the heel when things may get a bit tricky again!

I have had a ball of Opal self patterning sock yarn for ages but lost the pattern that came with it so I found this beginners sock pattern.

Third time lucky!

A new overlocker!

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So, this site hasn’t got off to the best start, given that I’ve not posted for about 2 months.

In the meantime I finally got myself an overlocker.   I got the Janome 9102d from Sewing Machines Direct.  From the few thigns I’ve done already using it it’s been money well spent and will make life easier and my projects more professional.

Major surgery

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I had to perform some major surgery on my sewing machine today and had been a little worried it was over the hill.  A good clean, some oil and a bit of jiggery pokery and all seems well.  The presser foot wasn’t pressing down hard enough and so not holding the fabric or moving it through properly.   Think it was a problem with the spring sticking inside and oil seems to have helped.

Really didnt want to have to consider replacing it, especially when i am saving up for an overlocker!

Been doing lots of sewing.  Details and pics to follow!

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