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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, which in itself isn’t unusual for me! But this time I’ve been thinking about this very site and all things related to it. I feel like I’ve lost my way a little recently but I have kind of realised why. It’s taken me some time to realise what I what this site to be and the conclusions I’ve reached are about making it more focussed. I read lots and lots of other craft sites, mainly ones which focus on crochet and some knitting and sewing. However I’m finding more and more of them are becoming ‘lifestyle’ blogs and I’m skipping through posts and pictures of all sorts of other things. It made me realise that I’ve been guilty of doing a little of that posting myself in the past, but I really don’t have a lifestyle that I either want to share or that could be aspired to.

So I’m changing things a little around here. I’m refocussing and redefining what I will do here. And that focus will be my first love… crochet! New name, new design, lots of crochet!! Well, when I say lots, there will more than there has been of late, which hasn’t been a lot!!

I have been rather busy in the past few months moving house and moving in with my chap which is rather lovely. It’s highlighted to me just how much ‘craft’ stuff I have and I am now in the process or organising (but not reducing) it!

I still don’t have myself a proper 9-5 job, but I am taking a new direction and more on that here in the near future.

So right now there is a lot going on behind the scenes, web designing, planning and scheming! Hopefully by the next time I am back here it will be with lots to share and a new name and new look.

Until then, enjoy frou-frou while you can. She’s soon going to retire!!


It’s about time…

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…that I got this show back on the road!  Anyone missed me?  Anyone noticed I’ve been gone?

Time really does fly doesn’t it!  All that time ago when I was last here I had just got a temporary job working on the UK Census 2011 and as soon as that started I was in a complete whirlwind (or more like a twister, earthquake and avalanche rolled into one) that didn’t let up.  However, I absolutely loved the work and it finished a couple of weeks ago.  I am rather sad that it finished but it did me a lot of good and it was a great experience doing something so different from what I’d done before and it has definitely put me back on the right track!

Back now to job hunting, crochet, time to myself, crochet, catching up with neglected friends and maybe even a bit of housework!  Well, maybe not the last one there!

This is just a quick hello to ease myself back into things.  More will follow with crochet, colour, usual tales of craftiness and of course buttons and tea!  There will always be buttons and tea!!


Welcome 2011…

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Are you feeling that anticipation of a fresh, new year starting?  I’d love to say I was but I just can’t get it.  Maybe it will come, maybe not.  I’ve never been the biggest fan of new year.  I tend to think if things are to change then why wait until a landmark date.  The last few months have been pretty tough for me and my family, and will be for a few months yet, so maybe our fresh start will be later in the year.

But until then there is still plenty to do.  There’s always crochet and now that I have more time on my hands I will have more time to do the things I enjoy, which can’t be a bad thing, can it?

So what will I be doing with that time:

  • I have signed up and paid up to be in Jane Crowfoot’s Crochet Club, starting later in January.  I am really excited about this and can’t wait to get started!


  • I am going to finish the granny stripe blanket from which I took an unplanned sabbatical for several months.

  • I want to get more involved in the crochet ‘community’ online.  I already read a lot of sites and blogs but intend to get more active and talkative.


  • Speaking of blogging, I fully intend to have a more regular presence right here.  It’s my place in the crochet community after all, so I plan to use it!


  • I have a Folksy shop account, and I might just open for business.  Being unemployed now I will be glad of any extra funds I can bring in.


  • Oh, I will see if I can find time to get myself a job too!

I hope I see you somewhere along the way!   X X


A little sorry…

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Oh dear!  It seems that something has gone wrong somewhere!  I like to reply or comment on all the comments I get on here by you lovely folks but I have just discovered about 2 weeks worth of comments that had not appeared anywhere in the site or in my comments area behind the scenes!

Please don’t think I’m being rude!  I shall put things right forthwith!!! XX


Blogtoberfest: A Reflection

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Five weeks ago I had never heard of Blogtoberfest, not did I have any inclination that such a thing existed.  I’ve been merrily blogging away for just over a year and had got involved in a few craft blog community things, though not as many as I probably could or should have.

At the end of September I was one blog post away from my 100th!  I wasn’t sure how to mark it. Then I read that Anka at Happy Hang Aroundwas taking part in Blogtoberfest, hosted by Tinniegirl with the help of Curlypops.  A commitment to post every day for the month of October.  It seemed the perfect thing for me to mark my century and to fall in love with my site again, having been struggling to keep motivation going over the past few difficult months.

So there I was on 1st October, 31 posts ahead of me and a bit of apprehension (ok, quite a lot actually!).  And here I am now, over 31 posts later very proud of myself.  Not just for having completed it, but for keeping it going into November too, aided I have to admit by the fact I am on holiday!

I am particularly proud that there aren’t many ‘fillers’ in there.  I like to properly write in each of my posts and share things with an explanation of what something is, how it came about, how I feel etc.   I am always reluctant to post just a picture of something I like or that I’ve found without saying what, how, why etc.  I know I’m too wordy to let things speak for themselves!

I feel I’ve got back on track with frou-frou, got excited about it again and clarified to myself what I want it to be.  At times in October I found I was writing a bit more about me personally than I ever intended to, and that is still a little strange for me and I’m not sure about how I feel about that or how interesting it is for you to read.  What it has done, however, is enabled me to write routinely about the little crafty things I do most days instead of saying to myself  ‘I’ll wait until there’s more to see’, which is just a bit lazy really.  This was really reinforced when Gillian left a lovely comment every time I posted about the circles scarf, following its progress.

Blogtoberfest also introduced me to many new blogs, many of which I will keep up to date with.  270 took part and as yet I have not worked my way through all of them, but I will eventually!

So what now? More of the same I guess.  I would love to say I’ll keep up daily posting, but I know it probably won’t happen.  Next week I’m back at work and have to really face up to the reality that I will probably be redundant by mid December (more blogging time?) and the stresses that will bring, or is already bringing.

For now I am going to wave goodbye to Blogtoberfest, but embrace what it has taught me and look forward to a happy bloggy future! 

Hopefully see you tomorrow!


This is meme

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I’ve been working my way through all the other blogs taking part in Blogtoberfest and came across several taking part in this ‘meme’, so I just had to jump on board!  It has originated from ChunkyChooky who has set up a page to add your link to.

Here goes more stuff about me than I probably ever intended to share on this site:

4 things that I always carry:

  1. lip balm
  2. mobile phone
  3. keys
  4. a clean hankie

4 things that are in my bedroom:

  1. a whole lotta mess – I am very, very untidy
  2. A painted wooden owl that I bought the first week I moved to Oxfordshire when I first left Scotland.  I only had £10 to last the week and I spent £5 on him and have never regretted it
  3. 2 pictures: one is a poster that advertised a photography exhibition at the Edinburgh Festival in 1993 called The Waking Dream, the other a canvas of a Roy Lichtenstein painting called Drowning Girl that has the words ‘I don’t care!  I’d rather sink than call Brad for help’  I never tire of looking at either of these
  4. Several large piles of books, including lots of crochet and knitting ones

4 things that I would like to do but haven’t done… yet:

  1. Get married
  2. Buy my own home
  3. Travel into space and look back to earth
  4. Drive an HGV.  I have wanted to since I saw Long Distance Clara in Pigeon Street (my family sometimes even called me Clara as a result!)

4 things that you don’t know about me:

  1. I never drink alcohol.  I used to, socially and for pleasure, but now I just don’t see the point.  I also have a real issue with people being drunk!
  2. Caveman and I met through internet dating! 
  3. I think about everything very deeply.  I think it’s a good quality but others don’t
  4. I have a funny combination of qualifications including a degree in Clothing and Textiles, a Foundation Degree in Community Governance and  City and Guilds in Floristry.

4 things I often wonder:

  1. what all my Grandparents were like.  I only ever had one Grandmother alive since I was born and she passed away 6 years ago.  I would loved to have known all my Grandparents.
  2. where the universe stops beyond the stars and what there is beyond that!
  3. what it would have been like living through the First and / or Second World Wars.  I am fascinated by the first half of the last century and find myself drawn to it in many ways.
  4. What my life would have been like if I had stayed in Scotland all those years ago when I took a job in Oxfordshire and moved away.
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