Taking Granny on holiday

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This past week Caveman and I spent a few days at the little cottage in Yorkshire that we love so much.  It was wonderful to be back there, partly because it’s a gorgeous place to be and partly because it was a much needed change of scenery.

As Caveman took his new laptop (I feel like a laptop widow right now!) I took some crochet and embroidery.  I thought some easy and relaxing crochet was the way to go and my still growing granny stripe blanket was ideal.  During our stay there were some gloriously bright but slightly chilly days, but it was a great opportunity to take some lovely pictures of the blanket:

The blanket is growing nicely and I am still really enjoying working on it, although it does feel like a labour of love.  I also know that at some point I need to stop making rows and start on the border.  Now that WILL be a mammoth task!

I particularly love the picture below of the blanket all neatly folded and sitting in the sunlight:

While we were away I was troubled terribly by an awful breakout of eczema and hardly slept for a few days.  Despite wishing we could stay longer in Yorkshire I was glad to get back home to see my doctor and I am pleased to report that my skin is feeling much better.  My lack of sleep resulted in a snooze on the settee one afternoon and it was the first time I ever actually used the blanket for its final intended purpose.  I am pleased to report it was luscious!


I love you more than…

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How’s this for a Valentine’s card for a tea lover to give their Valentine?  I got it ages ago from Storeyshopon Etsy, having seen it on another blog.

Caveman and I aren’t known for being the most romantic couple in the world, but I do love him more than tea!  I’ve wanted to post about this card since I got it but I really had to wait until I’d given it to him!  He also got a massive bag of wine gums.  Like I say… we’re not very romantic!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope yours has been filled with love, or tea!


Big Frank, Little Frank, Cardboard Box!

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Courtesey of Zawtowers

This evening I have been hob-nobbing with the artsy crowd at the opening of a new exhibition because my very clever chap has an exhibit in it.  Now before you get excited, we aren’t going to live out our lives on the profits of his creativity, unfortunately.  He isn’t, by his own admission, the most artistic person in the world.  But he does try, the love!!

Have you heard of the late, great Bard of Timperley, Frank Sidebottom?  He maybe wasn’t an international superstar, but he was very well known locally and to some extent around the UK.  Well, Timperley is only about 1 mile from where I live and many of my friends were great fans of Frank, who passed away earlier this year.

Frank was often seen on local television and radio and had a famous ‘Magical Timperley Tour’.  He was a massive fan of football and made tribute records to many famous Mancunian musicians.  He also had a sidekick called Little Frank, who was just made of cardboard.

As a tribute to Frank, Caveman threw together his version of his papier mache head and posted it on his Flickr as part of Project 52.  It seems that the curator of Frankophilia at the University of Salford, spotted this image and asked if he still had the ‘head’ and could it be included as an exhibit.  He has been rather sheepish about it, believing it doesn’t compare with some of the ‘proper’ (his word) works of art on display. I think Frank would have been very happy with all of the items on display, which ranged from beautifully drawn paintings, embroidery, films and even a carved pumpkin, which I fear won’t last the whole exhibition!  Oh, and the cardboard box with Frank’s face on it, as first seen on Flickr:


It was good to be back at the University again, as I studied there part time for 3 years.  Unlike Caveman, I don’t hanker after the past and I am glad not to be a student still.

The image below is one of my favourites from the exhibition and was painted on a wall in the gallery.

Here’s to you Frank, it was great, it really was!


Exhibition in Chapman Building, University of Salford, Wednesdays – Saturdays, 12noon – 5.00pm, until 18th december 2010


High teas and happy days

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I’ve just had one of my very favourite sorts of weekends: family, kids, cake and crochet!!  Caveman and I went to Scotland for my new(ish) niece’s christening so it was a busy and tiring weekend.  However, in between the travelling and the cake I managed to get come crochet done in the sunshine which was a joy, as I am normally just hooking away indoors in the corner of my sofa, in front of the telly and / or laptop.

Anyway, after the church bit of the christening, which I guess IS the actual christening!) we went to the Strathaven Hotel, (Strathaven is where I grew up and some of my folks still live there) for high tea.  I spent a good hour thinking, out loud much of the time, ‘now, why have I never had high tea before’.  My sister insists that I have but I really can’t remember.  High tea consisted of a main course (gammon steak in my case, other options included fish and chips), served with a cake stand full of little slices of tray bake cakes, scones, pancakes and bread and butter all washed down with lots of tea or coffee. 

Then came the pièce de résistance!  A plate groaning with homemade meringues sandwiched with fluffy soft whipped cream!  My sister and I managed not to resist several of these (each!!).  Be honest, could you?

I am ever curious about traditions and etiquette (particularly of ‘polite’ society) and had to look up the origins of high tea and found that the UK Tea Council describes it thus:

For the working and farming communities, afternoon tea became high tea. As the main meal of the day, high tea was a cross between the delicate afternoon meal enjoyed in the ladies’ drawing rooms and the dinner enjoyed in houses of the gentry at seven or eight in the evening. With the meats, bread and cakes served at high tea, hot tea was taken.

After all that food we crashed out in the lounge of the hotel where thankfully there were no other customers as 20 of us, including 4 excited children, would have soon scared them away.  We spent the rest of the day catching up, playing with the kids and taking lots of pictures of Erin in her christening gown with various family members.  I still can’t work out why she vomited on me 3 times over the weekend though!  I’m not that scary!

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with my folks, watching some football (yes, really, I watched some of the World Cup) and getting some of my hook-a-long blanket done.  In the process I competled my first full cycle of all the colours!  Yee ha!!!

I read a lot of crochet and craft blogs and often people refer to it being too dark to take pictures of their works and waiting for an opportune time.  I am no expert in photography so wasn’t too sure what this was all about, thinking hte flash made up for it – until I was able to take the pictures below in my sisters garden.  Don’t the colours look great?  Don’t I wish I had a garden and didn’t live in a flat?  Yes to both!!

I have now started on the second round of each colour now and I am jolly well delighted with it; the neatness, colour order (despite all the pondering).  Can you spot the little mistake?  I am going to handsew two little imitation crochet stitches in to put it right.

Now I’m back in Manchester to the same old wondering, as I sometimes do, why I live so far away from the people who are most improtant to me!!  Ah well, such is life!


Shhhh, don’t tell him

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I’m not the only one who was mad scrupulous enough to do all the research before spending an age and a fortune knitting infamous Tom Baker Dr Who scarf

Tara Wheeler has set up a whole website dedicated to her Dr Who projects. Check out wittylittleknitter.

The question is… do I show Tara’s site to Caveman, who will no doubt expect me to make him all the scarves from every Tom Baker season that she has patterns for!


Teeny Tiny Teacups

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‘They couldn’t be more YOU if they tried’ said Caveman as I found these earrings in Accessorize!  They just had to be mine!

teeny tiny teacup earrings on table

teeny tiny teacup earrings hanging

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