You’ve been Tangoed

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I love colour! All colour, any colour, all colours at the same time! Except maybe navy blue, I’m not so keen on navy blue.

It was with great excitement that I saw what this years ‘Colour of the Year’ is to be! Tangerine Tango!  Each year Pantone study style and colour directions and select a colour which they feel sums up the trend for the year ahead.

So what do you think? I absolutely love it!  It’s bright, vibrant and warm.  It will definitely brighten any gloomy day and be gorgeous in the summer too.  If I was working with this in a yarn or fabric I wouldn’t get bored of the colour that’s for sure.

I first came across this on the Lion Brand Yarn Facebook page where lots of comments were really negative and saying they didn’t like it at all and wouldn’t wear it.  I don’t think the colour of year is just about clothing, its about home accessories, cars (tho I don’t think I’d buy a car that colour), advertising, cosmetics and all sorts of things.

Well, if you ask me then the future’s bright, the future’s orange!  Sorry, corny I know!!

Please note the image in this post was created using html colour coding and is intended only to indicate the general colour tone of Pantone Tangerine Tango, not to fully replicate it.


19 little balls of yarn sitting in a row!

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I’ve been merrily hooking along with Attic 24’s hook-a-long for the past week or so and loving all the gorgeous colours of yarn.  And it’s a real pleasure to be making something for myself after lots of making for others and making for craft fairs.

However, Ive had quite a dilemma with the yarn.  I started off with the first few colours in the order that Lucy had started but I have a few different shades so needed to go my own way at some point.  I just couldn’t decide which order to use them in.  I’m completely rubbish at throwing caution to the wind and mixing it all up so I needed to plan the actual order.

With 19 balls of yarn that was going to take up a lot of space if nothing else,  I cut a swatch from each ball and played around with those but just couldn’t get the full effect.  Then I lined up each ball along the back of my settee and left them there for a while.  I found that living with the colours for a few days really helped.  I kept spotting something that wasn’t right and did a little jiggery pokery.  OK, a lot of jiggery pokery.  I even ripped a few rows of the blanket back when I got it wrong.

Now I think I’ve got it right and I am nearly finished my first full circuit of each colour.  For the most part the colours flow from one to the next fairly well, with a few obvious changes in direction along the way.  I am so delighted with the results so far and I’m enjoying making it so much its very exciting to have a big project on the go.

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